Wednesday, November 25, 2020

How to Live Your Own Modern Day Fairy Tale

A traditional fairy tale follows a defined storyline: it involves a damsel in distress and a prince charming on a white horse riding in to save her. A modern-day fairy tale does not rely on this victim and savior trope. The modern-day fairy tale is all about making choices for yourself that make your life as picturesque and magical as possible. What makes your life a modern-day fairy tale will differ from person to person.


Design Your Own Happy Ending


Fairy tales used to involve the heroine finding her prince charming and the couple skipping off into the distance together, ready to enjoy their ‘happy ending’. Society has progressed a great deal since these tales were first told. What a ‘happy ending’ involves will very much depend on who you are asking.


For some, a happy ending means getting married and having children, and others prefer to stay single. It is never too late for you to find your happy ending. If you have found who you thought was your prince charming but now realize you are going to need to kiss some more frogs, you shouldn’t feel trapped in an unhappy marriage. There are many options available to you, like separation or even divorce.


For your happy ending to be truly happy, however, you should make sure you stay as amicable as possible and discuss child custody without being in the presence of your kids. According to Sean Smallwood P.A., child custody is the most common reason for contested litigation, so to avoid stress, make sure this is fully discussed and explored as you are considering divorce with your partner.


To start designing your own happy ending, you need to understand what your dream ending looks like. Visualizing your dreams is a helpful way of understanding what it is that will make you most happy, whether that’s moving to a different country, having a family or just carrying on as things are. Knowing what your happy ending looks like is integral to living the modern-day fairy tale.


Find Your Fairy Godmother 


You probably aren’t going to have a chipper fairy godmother appear out of nowhere to make your dreams come true, but that does not mean you shouldn’t have a trusted figure that you can go to for guidance. Whether this is your pastor, a friend, your spouse or a family member, it is important that you have someone you can talk to and ask for advice.


Discussing what is troubling you will help you to feel less burdened. Asking for help or advice can also allow you to visualize your troubles from another perspective which can be very useful. Communication is a very important tool for those looking to improve their life but who are unsure where to start. The simple process of vocalizing your feelings often helps you find solutions within yourself that you had not considered before.


Spend More Time with Nature


Can you think of a fairy tale that doesn’t feature a beautiful natural setting? Whether it is an enchanted forest, a babbling brook, or a snow-covered meadow, a beautiful rural scene is a quintessential fairy tale setting. Spending more time in nature is one of the best ways to feel like you are living in your very own fairy tale, as spending time in nature reduces stress levels and benefits mental health, helping you to live happily ever after.


There are many ways that you can spend more time in nature. It might be going for a rural walk on weekends or taking the kids on a camping trip. Spending time outdoors in nature also has positive effects on your physical health, such as boosting your immune system and lowering your blood pressure, so you can keep living happily for longer.


Start Today


No good story is written in a day and your modern fairy tale is no different. To live your dream, you will need to begin making changes in your life today. These don’t have to be big, life-altering changes. It might even be as simple as taking the scenic route on the school run or listening to inspiring music.


The traditional fairy tale offers a moment of transformation where the main character’s rag clothing transforms into a stunning ball gown and her life changes forever. In the real world, though, no transformation is this quick or this pronounced. You do not need a magic moment to change your life into a modern-day fairy tale. All you need to do is to start making choices that are going to positively impact your own happy ending.


  1. This is such a great post! I never thought about designing my own happy ending.I will be saving this post!


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