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3 Reasons Dog Owners Should Consider Getting Synthetic Grass


Artificial synthetic grass is known to have its place in many varied settings that span from indoor arenas to open-air soccer fields. Nevertheless, you can use artificial turf to replace the natural grass in your lawn in order to make life easier for you and your dog.

We are all aware of the famous quote that states that a dog is a man’s best friend, as they tend to love both their owners and loved ones fully. However, not every homeowner has a backyard that is fit for their dog.

Why Make the Change?

If you have a lawn that has natural grass on it, then you are aware of the major destruction and damage that your dog can cause. This ranges from them eating up grass, digging up the plants and grass to them making potty trips. For the aforementioned reasons, homeowners are advised to invest in getting synthetic grass that feels and looks real for their dogs. Apart from providing a rich surface that allows your dog to play, synthetic grass can also help you get rid of chores and high costs related to maintaining your backyard. If you still aren’t convinced, below are some advantages of artificial turf for dog owners. 

1.   Comfort

Synthetic grass can be much more comfortable and softer on a dog’s feet. This can prove to be beneficial if you have dogs that have sensitive paws. Getting artificial turf from skilled and specialized vendors such as from synlawnseattle.com can help ensure that your dogs enjoy a soft lawn that is comfortable for them to roll around in and play.

Another benefit of having artificial turf is that it ensures that your dogs enjoy a cozy surface where they can play all year round regardless of the weather.


2.   Low-Maintenance Costs

This is especially handy when it comes to cleaning dog waste. It is remarkably easier to clean messes on artificial grass as compared to cleaning the same waste on natural grass.

Anytime your dog releases its waste on your lawn, simply picking it up, discarding it, and washing the area with soap and water from a hosepipe is sure to leave your synthetic grass looking as good as new. This low-maintenance aspect means you can be more confident at letting your pooch out more often.


3.   Reduced Risks of Lawn Pests

Natural traditional grass nurtures pests and bugs of all types, such as ants, ticks, and fleas. If you are a dog owner, you wouldn’t want to imagine your dog is infested with bugs. Your dog can be susceptible to getting bitten by pests that often tend to cling onto it as it plays and rolls around on the lawn.

The worst part would be having your dog pest-infested and having it come into your living space! To counter this effect, pet owners are encouraged to invest in purchasing quality artificial turf. By doing so, you will no longer have to worry about your dog being infested with pests and bugs, as they are incapable of thriving in synthetic grass.


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