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10 Amazing Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Winter Game On


The chilly winds, snow, and frost can affect your skin and hair in several ways. They may make your skin lose its moisture, cause irritations, and damage the uppermost layer, creating rashes and inflammations. To prevent it, all you need are some expert advice and skincare hacks that do not involve a lot of chemicals. After all, you can’t afford to look your worst on the holiday season. So scroll on!


Carry a lip balm in your purse always

The dry, cold winds tend to wreak the most havoc on your hair, nails, and lips. A little balm not only prevents your lips from getting dry but also protects the cuticles of your nails, which may get rougher and break. And it can be quite painful. Rubbing the lip balm on the cuticles will keep them moist, thus preventing breakage.


Exfoliate your lips regularly

In winter, you need to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead cells regularly. Buy a high-quality lip scrub and rub it on your lips gently. The dead cells, along with other dust, and impurities will come out eventually. You can then moisturize the lips to bring the color back to them. Getting those naturally pink lips in the holiday season will reduce the need to use makeup every time you go out.


Use a water-based moisturizer

The cold season may need you to go the extra mile to hydrate your skin. Say goodbye to your conventional moisturizer and invest in a high-quality water-based one. You can always find a range of other innovative skincare products online to keep winter skin issues at bay. But the moisturizer is a must. Apply it on your skin after cleansing your face. It will lock the moisture content and prevent dry skin issues in winter.


Cut down the use of water 

Splashing water on your face in the cold season may dry it up further. Use an oil-based cleanser instead. Wipe it off after messaging it onto your face with a dry tissue paper or a sponge. However, make sure that you use good quality makeup remover to prevent leaving any residue on your face overnight.


Avoid hot showers

It may seem tempting in winter, but it is not right for your skin. The hot water may strip your body of its natural moisture content. You can use lukewarm water to shower. It is best if you maintain the same temperature levels while washing your face. Also, keep track of time to limit excessive bathing, which again will harm your skin.


Use a less-abrasive exfoliator 

Although exfoliation is indispensable in winter, you should choose a less-abrasive way of getting rid of dead skin cells. Do not go for conventional facial scrubs and invest in a winter-special scrub, like gel peels and the likes. It will prevent breaks and tears and reduce the coarseness to a great extent.


Mix some oatmeal in your bath

Take some dried and rolled oats in a piece of cheesecloth, an old sock, or a nylon cloth and put it inside your bath. Oats are said to have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe excessively dry skin issues. You can also rub it on your skin as soap while you take a bath.


Stock up cold creams in advance

Now, winters are impossible to tolerate without these cold creams. You may start stocking up your supplies of cold creams from Halloween itself. As the dry winds start blowing, you will find yourself rubbing these creams on your face more often. So it is important to ensure that you don’t run out of stock before the snow melts.


Try the tea-tree oil on dry scalps

The cold season is not only problematic for your skin but also for your hair. It leads to dry scalp issues, like psoriasis, eczema and may even increase hair fall. You can mix some tea tree oil in your regular shampoo or hair conditioner to reduce such issues. Use it a few times, and you will surely notice some improvements. Also, do not forget to oil your hair frequently. Wash your hair on the following day to prevent 


Buy some in-shower lotions

If you are used to hot, steamy showers in winter, invest in some superior-quality in-shower lotions. Keep moisturizing your body inside the shower to prevent excess drying. The steam will open up clogged pores, while the lotion will moisturize your skin to the deepest core. Both activities will help your skin reach its full potential. You will see the change after you step out of the shower.


Following a healthy skincare regime is essential to battle the ravages of winter successfully. As it is the time to dress up and look pretty, do not let your dull skin take the fun away. Refrain from using too many chemicals and stay natural as much as possible. So are you ready to turn some heads this Christmas?





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