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Essential Fashion Guidelines For Yummy Mummies Over Forty


When it comes to styling for forty-plus moms, things may appear daunting. You may end up doing too little or too much, all with the good intention of trimming some years. But it can lead to a fashion disaster if you try too hard to look young. Fortunately, looking like a yummy mummy wouldn’t be a challenge if you are good at styling. The best approach would be to use your age to your advantage and opt for a subtle style statement. Here are some essential fashion guidelines that can help you nail the perfect over-forty look.

Know your body

Perhaps the most vital aspect of dressing as you age is to know your body. After all, you cannot expect to carry your “twenty-something” shape into your forties. You may have gained post-pregnancies and nearing your menopause will also show up as some flab. Even if you try your best to stay in shape, you will have some flab and skin to cover. Understanding your current shape will give you a head start with picking the right outfits that match.

Rethink your personal style

If you have been wearing tight blouses and short skirts all these years, now may be the time to rethink your personal style. While the temptation to hold on to the hot stuff will be there, it is best to make a subtle transition according to your body and trends. You can seek some inspiration from your favorite forty-plus celebrities to get some insights about your new style. Just make sure that you feel happy about embracing the new, rather than follow something blindly.

Revamp your wardrobe

Once you understand your body and rethink your personal style, it is time to bring your new look to life. The next step would be to revamp your wardrobe, but make sure you do it the minimalist way. Start with basics such as a longer LBD, some pretty blouses, trousers, skirts, and maxis. A two piece skirt set is something you can reserve for special occasions when you want to look hotter and yummier than usual. A capsule wardrobe concept would be great to start with, and you can keep adding stuff down the years.

Invest in high quality

As you step into the forties, you would want to retain clothing for longer than you did before. It is best to invest in evergreen styles and high quality that lasts. Avoid picking from flea markets and stick to the best brands that you would love to wear for the years to come. Quality stuff may cost a tad more, but these outfits will last long and retain their grace. Moreover, wearing them will make you feel confident and graceful.

Don’t try to look too polished

The biggest mistake that you can make with forty-plus dressing is trying to look too polished. You may end up looking older than your years, which is the last thing you would want to do. Opt for relaxed dressing as it will give you the poise you want. At the same time, retain some fun-pieces in your wardrobe, so you have something to wear for your beach vacation or all-girls party.

Looking like a diva is easy for moms over forty provided that you are ready to embrace your age and experiment with new styles. Just go ahead and pick clothes that make you feel good about the change.


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