Thursday, October 22, 2020

6 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home


When it comes to your home, you want it to be comfortable and represent who you are as a person. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and keeping up with a pretty house can slip far down the list. There are many benefits to giving your house a refreshing makeover, however, so it is worth taking the time to give your home some attention. Here are six ways you can spruce up your home.


1: Purchase new lighting

Lighting is something that people tend to forget about, especially when you have owned the same lamps and light fittings for years. It’s surprising how much new lighting can make, though, so you should consider unscrewing those bulbs and finding some new fittings. Play with the layers and create a whole new atmosphere.


2: Buy a new rug 

A rug can lift a room while instantly making it cosy. If you have a big room, it’s a simple way of breaking it up while also adding a big splash of colour. Have a look around for unique rugs that fit your aesthetic. 


3: Fill the walls with pictures and artwork 

One of the simplest ways to make your home tell your own story is to fill the wall with memories. Buy some pretty picture frames and arrange your photographs along your walls, so every time you walk past, you’ll remember the good times. 


Artwork is another way to spruce up the walls in your house. Have a look around for art that speaks to you, and find the perfect empty spot. If you have kids, you could let them create some art for you.


4: New kitchen appliances 

The perfect kitchen is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s a place people spend a lot of their time in, so giving it some extra attention is worth it. Consider upgrading your appliances, and if your kitchen is old, you could even seek out kitchen design services. Have a look at this site for brilliant ideas for your brand-new kitchen. 


5: A fresh lick of paint

This may seem like an obvious one, but it really does make all the difference. Repainting can seem like a lot of effort, as you have to move everything out of the way and even once it’s painted you have to wait for it to dry. The results can be worth it, though, and will instantly change a room. Consider branching out from the usual off-whites or creams and try a splash of bright colour, you might end up loving the way it looks.


6: Throw in some new cushions 

If your place is looking a little dull, a quick and easy way of brightening it up is to throw in some bright, colourful cushions. If you already have too many, you could purchase some interesting fabric to put over them. While this is a small change, it can make an instant difference to the liveliness of your room, giving it a refreshing, colourful brightness.



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