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Planning a Bridal Shower 101: Becoming the Best Host For the Bride


Do you have a loved one getting married in the near future? Are you struggling with planning a bridal shower?

Let's go through all of the best ways to make sure your bridal party is successful today.

Plan in Advance

It's important to make sure that you have as many things set up in advance as possible, so that everyone (including the bride) knows the plan. You can use Adobe Spark's bridal shower invitations for a quick and easy way for everyone to be on the same page.

You'll also need to know what the budget you have for the party is, and who needs to be invited. Your budget for food, entertainment, and the like may have to be stretched thinner if there are a larger amount of guests that need to be invited, so it's important to be prepared for all eventualities.

You should also make sure you're not inviting anyone that your loved one may not want there!

Have a Theme

A theme is an easy way to have your bridal shower looking sharp. There are tons of different themes you can try out based on the budget and ideas you have for the special day. Let's go through a few of the many great bridal shower themes you may want to try out:

      Tropical beach

      Old school pajama party

      Classic tea party

      Out of this world (otherwise known as a space theme)

      Masquerade ball

      Floral garden party

      Bonfire in the backyard

      Old-school Hollywood chic

      Girls' trip or a weekend at the cottage

      Brunch, brunch, and more brunch

Of course, if none of these sound quite right it's totally fine to pick something more creative. Just make sure you consult with the bride-to-be, and make sure that it's something she'll enjoy!

Keep the Entertainment Going

Making sure there's entertainment available at the bridal shower is an important part of making a super fun bridal shower. Keep the music popping, and make sure there are plenty of great themed games for all of the guests to enjoy all day long.

You can try out some fun crafts and DIYs to celebrate the guest of honor, or have a cooking or cocktail mixing class so you can all learn something on the special day. Wine tasting is always a classic choice for a bridal shower, or beer if she's not a wine girl. Create your own bridal themed trivia game, or bingo game, or create the bridal party classic toilet paper wedding dress.

Just make sure you're picking activities that the bride in question will enjoy!

Planning a Bridal Shower Can Be a Breeze

As you can see, planning a bridal shower isn't as difficult as you think. If you follow these guidelines and consider the bride's tastes and interests, you're sure to pull off a party she'll love.

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