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How to get a flawless “no-makeup” look!


Isn't it weird that you have to actually use makeup to create a “no-makeup” look? Well one thing that is for sure is the “no-makeup” look is completely opposite to a lot of what we see on Instagram – full coverage foundation, perfectly winged eyeliner and bold colored lipstick (and don’t forget that filter). Truth be told, a “no-makeup” look actually takes some work.  Below are 9 tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when trying to achieve this natural look:


  1. Focus on your skin’s health

A no-makeup natural look is all about dewy, fresh and acne-free skin. Make sure you drink enough water (about 8 glasses per day) and use a humidifier, specifically in drier climates that lack humidity. More importantly, try and avoid skincare products that cause irritation and eventually break you out like ones with silicones, high levels of fragrance and the bad alcohols. Before applying your moisturizer make sure to put on a good serum full of antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins.


  1. Primer is key

Whether you want to hide pores, fine lines or bring out your inner glow a good primer is a great way to fake flawless skin. Besides benefitting how your skin looks, primers also help other makeup stay on longer and also prevent cakiness. Opt for a primer (preferably one free of silicone) that suits your skin type and apply it post moisturizer but before other types of makeup. 


  1. Don't go overboard with the coverage

Remember the key to a “no makeup” look is to keep it looking natural, therefore consider avoiding a full coverage foundation and sticking to lighter formulas. Use a beauty blender or your foundation brush to apply a natural bb cream or cc cream that hides your freckles, spots and other imperfections but still allows your skins texture to show through. The reason why we suggest a natural bb cream is that more natural formulas often lack toxic ingredients that actually do more harm than good to your skin. 


  1. Conceal them dark circles away

Something a bb cream or cc cream doesn’t provide enough coverage in specific “problematic” areas like acne spots or under the eyes. For these areas that need a little extra coverage consider applying a lightweight concealer. Pro tip – if you use your fingertips to dab the concealer, your body’s natural heat will blend the product in.  Remember most concealer formulas are buildable so rather then going heavy upon the first application start with a light touch and only apply more as you need it.


  1. Choose everything creamy

After you have blended your bb cream and concealer into your skin, consider a cream bronzer in order to bring warmth out. Why a cream-based formula over a powder one, you ask? Well, a cream based bronzer offers the skin an extra touch of sheen or dewiness - perfect for that “no-makeup” look. 


  1. Illumination from the highlighter

Instead of choosing a shimmery powder-based highlighter, choose a cream-based formula once again, applying it on top of your cheeks and even on the bridge of your nose. Like with the bronzer, the consistency of the highlighter will go well with all the other formulas and will add some dimensions to your skin. 


  1. Fake that rosiness

If you still feel like your skin doesn’t have enough color, add some blush on the apple of your cheeks. Again, consider using a cream formula that will melt right into your skin to prevent the makeup looking heavy. 


  1. Tame those eyebrows

To make your brows look more tamed, use a pomade or gel and brush them into place. In order to avoid a heavy brow consider skipping a brow pencil.


  1. Make your lips look dewy

Use a gentle lip scrub in order to remove dead skin before you apply a clear lip-gloss or even an all-natural lip tint to add a hint of color to your lips.


As you can see a no-makeup look actually takes some work. Although, it is well worth it! If you follow the above tips and tricks you’ll be able to achieve natural and flawless looking skin.



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  3. I don’t wear much makeup. I prefer a natural look.


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