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How To Create Unique Photography Business Cards To Skyrocket Your Revenue?


Your business card is an interesting way to show your clients how established you are in the photography business.


A well-made business will subconsciously help the receiver decide if they can rely on you and your service.


A business card won’t essentially fetch you, clients, immediately but will open you up to many opportunities in the future.


If you do it right and come up with unique photography business cards, you can create an ever-lasting impression.


Your Colour Palette Explains Who You Are


Colour theory is something that every photographer should have mastered. Since your business card is going to be an extension of yourself, you should portray the things that you know the most.


Colours is an interesting way of using psychology to communicate without having to speak. For example, blue conveys a message that you are reliable and honest, whereas red indicates that you are passionate about.


Adding gold to your colour palette makes your card and your business look classy and luxurious. Perhaps try using silver if you find gold being too showy.


A simple black text over a white background would explain things, but your intention is not to express but to impress!


Increases Your Odds Of Being Known


There has never been a better time than now to try photo business cards online. The purpose of owning a business card extends way beyond just helping you introduce yourself to someone.

It is going to serve as a medium that’ll keep reminding your clients of your service.


If you manage to do an excellent job with the design, your business cards might even serve as your portfolio showing your clients what to expect.


 Use Social Media Handles To Your Advantage


Social media has all the potential to give you and your brand, a global exposure.

Always stay active on all the platforms and keep posting exotic & exciting pictures that you click.

This is a great way to let people know that you love photography innately and you’re not just doing it for the money.

While sharing your photo business cards online, try mentioning your handles to direct people to your social media page.


Typography Is Your Most Needed Final Touch


The process of coming up with stunning & unique photography business cards doesn’t end with just inserting a beautiful picture.


You must make sure that every piece of text that you include in your card blends in perfectly with the background. While there’s nothing wrong with using regular fonts, your card isn’t going to have anything new to offer either.


Standard fonts might be suitable for businesses, but when it comes to elevating your design to the next level, you should pay attention to the font style that you choose.


Step away from block texts and try your chances with fonts that resemble handwritings to give your card a refreshing look.


Always Print More Than Your Need


If people love your work, there’s no saying when they’ll call you to come work for them, so it’s always advisable to carry enough cards with you.

If you design your card interesting enough, you reduce the odds of the receiver throwing it away. The more you have, the more you’ll give, and the more you give, the more projects you’ll get.




Photography is a highly versatile job, and there’s no saying when someone will need your service.

No matter how big your business is, your card has a huge responsibility for keeping up with your reputation. To put it in perspective, your business card is the front line to your entire business.


Stop treating unique photography business cards as an expense and start treating them as an investment.








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