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A Heartfelt Christmas Promise by Nancy Naigle {Book Review}

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 


A perfect gift that captures the spirit of the season, USA Today bestselling author Nancy Naigle’s A Heartfelt Christmas Promise celebrates the holidays, small-town traditions, and the generosity of love between two lost souls who find everything they ever wanted in each other.

Vanessa Larkin was supposed to be spending Christmas in Paris, France on a business trip she hoped to enjoy as a working vacation. Instead, she’s been assigned to Fraser Hills, North Carolina―home of the Best Fruitcake in the USA―to convert her company’s property into warehouse space and shut down Porter’s, the fruitcake factory. Offering retirement packages and selling locals on new job opportunities may not spread holiday cheer, but Vanessa believes she’s helping secure the town’s future.

Mike Marshall’s family founded Porter’s. For decades, the factory served as the lifeblood of the community until his grandfather sold the business to a Chicago corporation. The sale cost the town its independence―and the Marshalls their family ties. A horse farmer, Mike was never involved with his grandfather’s company, but still felt Fraser Hills lost part of its identity. And as a widower raising a teenage daughter, he’s suffered enough losses in one lifetime. News of the factory’s closing means losing another piece of the town’s legacy.

Far from the skyscrapers and rapid pace of the city, Vanessa finds herself enjoying the easygoing rhythms of rural living. With Mike as her guide, she learns to appreciate the simple pleasures found in shared holiday festivities among friends. Fraser Hills is a town she is growing to love―and Mike is someone she is falling in love with. Now all Vanessa needs is a Christmas miracle to give her newfound friends and home a gift they’ll cherish for many New Years to come.

USA Today bestselling author NANCY NAIGLE whips up small-town love stories with a dash of suspense and a whole lot of heart. Now happily retired, she devotes her time to writing, antiquing, and the occasional spa day with friends. A native of Virginia Beach, she currently calls North Carolina home. Nancy is the author of Christmas Joy and Hope at Christmas, both of which have been turned into film for Hallmark Channel.

When I see Nancy Naigle's name, two words immediately come to mind: Christmas and Hallmark. For those who aren't as familiar with her work, Nancy writes a variety of sweet romance reads, including some fantastic holiday tales- a few which have been turned into Hallmark movies. Like I said, Christmas and Hallmark. Those who know me well know that these just happen to be my favorite things. When I pick up one of her books, I know I am going to be delighted. A Heartfelt Christmas Promise did not disappoint in that regard!

In this book, we meet Vanessa who has been sent by her employer to the small town of Fraser Hills, North Carolina, known for it's fruitcake of all things! Her goal? To shutdown the fruitcake factory, right in the midst of the holiday season. Once she gets there though, he realizes things aren't quite what they seem with her job... and in true holiday romance fashion she finds herself falling for Mike, whose family founded the factory. I won't give the rest away, but you can rest assured it is a sweet holiday romance perfect for the likes of Hallmark!

Now listen, I'll be the first to say that this type of book might not be for everyone! If you read the title and find it too sugary sweet in and of itself, it's probably one to skip anyway, because it certainly lives up to the heartfelt. Yes, it's sugary sweet. Yes, it might have been a bit predictable at times. And yes, it reads like your typical Hallmark Christmas story... but yes, I absolutely loved it anyway! To me, there is something cozy and sweet that I cannot get enough of, especially during the busy holiday season. If this sounds like you, it is definitely one to add to your holiday to read list this year! 


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