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Road Trip Ideas & Inspiration For Family Days Out


There’s no better or more affordable way to see the wonders of your local area (or somewhere a little further afield) than by planning a good old-fashioned road trip for you and your little ones. However, a lot of parents assume that planning road trips with the kids in tow will only end in disaster, but the truth is this need not be the case the success of a family road trip depends on how well-planned it has been. The more time and preparation put into preparing for a trip, the better.


Love the concept of hitting the open road with the family in tow but feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think it’s just a case of being properly prepared for your trip and planning out every detail. In need of a little inspiration and a few ideas? Have a read of the tips and advice below!

Focus on the vehicle


First and foremost, you need to think carefully about the vehicle that you will be traveling in. Ideally, you need to travel in a car that is designed to meet your family’s needs. If, for instance, your family owns a sports car and one of the adults wants to drive that on your road trip, then it might be best to also take a second, more family-friendly car to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re planning scenic drives in southern California or adventurous driving experiences through a craggy mountainscape in the southern U.S., you need to make comfort and safety the priority. A road trip will never be enjoyable if comfort is not taken seriously.

Use the ‘screens, snacks, and space’ hack


The best way to keep little ones entertained on long car journeys is rather simple: utilize the ‘screens, snacks, and space’ hack. This means bringing along smart devices for the children to use to stay occupied while you travel and also packing plenty of snacks to keep any feelings of hunger at bay as the last thing you need on a long journey is a car full of ‘hangry’ children. When it comes to ‘space’, this means thinking of simple ways you can ensure that your little ones have enough space each while traveling. Admittedly, this one isn’t always easy to fix as a car is only as big as it is, however, what you can do is pop strips of tape down to create separate areas for each child.

Add excitement and exhilaration


If you’re going to make a road trip whether it’s a day trip or a longer trip enjoyable for everyone, it’s important to add some excitement and exhilaration. Before heading off on your trip, look to see what sights are part of your travel route, and then create each child a map pointing out the sights along the route. It’s a simple hack but looking out for different sights while on a journey is a great way to keep the little ones’ minds busy and prevent boredom. You could also create a tick list of each of these sights, allowing your little ones the chance to tick each off as they pass by.


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