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6 Surprising Benefits of Botox


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she begins to wonder if there is anything she could do to look better. She already knows she looks good; she just wants that little extra boost beauty-wise.

In this situation, some women turn to cosmetic Botox as a solution. Botox injections can help fine lines and wrinkles appear less deep, or sometimes even “disappear” altogether. And that’s not all they can do! So, what are the benefits of cosmetic Botox that you might not know about yet?

1.   Botox Prevents Excessive Sweating

Yes, you read that right! At its core, Botox is a protein that gets injected into your body to disrupt the connection between nerves and muscles to keep your face plump and youthful.

But that’s not all Botox does. Botox acts as a sort of shield to the sweat gland and prevents you from sweating excessively. Naturally, you would have to get a Botox injection in the area where you sweat.

2.   Botox is Not a Failure on Your Part

A lot of women don’t do Botox because they’ve been told it is:




   All listed points above

They think that needing a little cosmetic enhancement means they’re not beautiful anymore. That is not true. It’s normal to age and it’s normal to want to want to look good. What’s more, Botox procedures from SDBotox can stop you from nit-picking your appearance all the time and boost your self-confidence.

3.   Botox Might Help in the Bedroom

Interestingly, Botox is rumored to aid certain sexual issues, although it’s yet to be FDA-approved in this regard. For example, injecting Botox in the female sexual organs may help make sexual activity less painful for her.

4.   Botox Eases Migraines

As of 2010, Botox injections have officially been approved by the FDA to treat people who suffer from chronic migraines. The treatment usually involves around 30 Botox injections in various areas of the head and body.

Although the injections do not stop the migraine itself, they help ease its major symptoms, such as nausea and sensitivity to light. In turn, it is easier for the sufferer to deal with the condition.

5.   Botox May Help with Depression

Working on the fascinating theory that our facial expression greatly influences our mood, a 2014 controlled study looked at the effects of Botox injections for easing major depression. According to the study, out of a total of 74 patients, more than half of those doing Botox reported feeling happier, while in the placebo group, only 15% said they felt better.

6.   Botox can Combat Neck Spasms

Before Botox was a beauty thing, it was a popular treatment for neck pain and spasms. Once the protein was injected into the painful muscles, it blocked the neurotransmitters that caused the neck muscle to tighten and spasm. The result? Relieving chronic neck pain and symptoms of cervical dystonia.

Do these Benefits Surprise You?

If so, youre not alone. The six points above are not ones that are well-known but its important to share this information to help more people understand how they could benefit from Botox.


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