Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer 2020 Footwear: The 5 Best Sandals For Comfort And Style

Women’s favorite part of summer fashion is the shoes, in particular the sandals! A cute pair of sandals can transform your outfit completely. They are also super versatile. Sandals are suitable for every occasion, from the beach to the mall, to the bar.

So what are the shoe trends this summer? And what type of sandals are we seeing on the shelves this year? If you love sandals and summer footwear as much as every woman does, read on to discover the top 5 summer shoes currently trending.


Good news for all the short girls, platform sandals are big right now. What’s so great about these is that they give you a good chunk of extra height, but remain as comfortable as can be.

Unlike high heels, they can be worn for any occasion and paired with most outfits. Also, they look best when paired with cropped denim or your favorite sundress at a garden party or barbeque.

Clear heels

It turns out the uber-stylish transparent heel trend is still going strong. Kim Kardashian West is often credited for starting the transparent-shoe trend when she first wore her infamous Yeezy heels back in 2016. Now in 2020, you’ll find clear heeled sandals still have a place on the shelves of most high street and designer clothing stores.

Heeled sandals can dress up any casual summer outfit. Just swapping your flip flops for a pair of heeled sandals after a day at the beach is enough to make you look bar-ready. Opting for a pair of JustFab sleek clear heels will make you feel like Cinderella going to the ball. Also, heels can benefit the muscles in your legs, leading to more muscle and less fat in the calves.

Fisherman style

Fisherman-style sandals are a new sandal trend this summer. This style is best described as a hybrid between a gladiator and a jelly sandal. It will most likely feature interwoven straps (usually leather) and a buckle around the ankle.

These caged-in shoes look practical but feel comfortable. These are more of a chunky sandal, and not the most "pretty" on the foot, but they still look strangely cool, unique, and stylish.

Criss-cross straps

It seems the more straps the better when it comes to sandals in 2020. In particular, stringy, lacy sandals that wrap around the foot or ankle multiple times are popular this season.

You can make a statement with criss-cross strappy sandals by opting for eye-catching bold colors, playful pastels, or glitzy metallics. This is one style that deserves a place in your suitcase for this year’s vacation.


The clog-sandal hybrid is another fashion movement this year. They feature a clunky wooden sole and a simple leather buckle across the toes. Again, they are not the sandals that will appear the most flattering, but if they feel comfortable and are on-trend who cares?

To sum up, these are the top 5 sandals of 2020. With many of these sandal trends offering both comfort and style, which ones will you be taking on vacation this year?


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