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How to introduce spirituality into your life

Modern life – in the West at least – is entirely different from the way people lived even a few decades ago. The internet and social media play an increasingly dominant role in lives, and though there are a great many benefits to these technologies, there are also a great many downsides. The pressure to take perfect selfies, a constant feed of ‘fake’ news, and users voicing a lot of angry opinions, can easily leave you feeling drained and pessimistic. Many people are returning to spirituality to help combat the feelings of emptiness and negativity modern life can cause. Here are some ways you can introduce spirituality into your own life.

You are probably familiar with yoga as a low-intensity exercise regime focusing on toning the muscles and gaining core strength. However, yoga can be traced back at least 5,000 years, perhaps even longer, to the Vedas, an Indian holy text. The practice originated as a form of spiritual development to train the body and mind to self-observe, allowing for devotees to become more aware of their own nature. There are many different types of yoga, and you are sure to find one that is suited to your needs and lifestyle. For instance, hatha yoga, often considered as the best practice for beginners, contains a mix of poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation, enabling you to build up both your physical and mental strength.

Join a prayer group
Millions of people all over the world have found strength and comfort in being active followers of faith. In the turmoil of modern life, you might want to reconnect with a lapsed faith or be interested in exploring the teachings of a specific religion. Joining a prayer group, such as that offered by the Cenacle Sisters, will provide you with a community in which to explore your faith amongst like-minded individuals who will support you on your faith journey. As well as being given the tools to pray on your own and as a group, there is also plenty of opportunities to attend spiritual retreats, during which you can focus on prayer and deepening your faith away from the distractions of modern life.

Mindfulness meditation
The practice of mindfulness arguably has a lot in common with the meditation aspect of yoga and the quiet reflection of prayer. Mindfulness meditation involves directing your thoughts towards what is happening right now, what your body is doing, and where you are. You nurture the sense of being fully present in the moment, and this can help to ease an anxious internal dialogue and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. As such, practicing mindfulness meditation can be particularly beneficial to those suffering from depression and anxiety, but it is a useful tool for anyone to help deal with a stressful, hectic modern life and reconnect with themselves and the world. An app such as headspace.com will help you to build a mindfulness routine and guided meditation into your everyday life.


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