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Protect Your Family with Fun and Versatile Styles from Hoo-Rag!

**Product received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

Before the year began, there were many ideas on how things might go this year... goals we'd hoped to tackle, plans we hoped to make... but well, I think everyone could agree that this is certainly NOT the 2020 we had all hoped for.

Could we have predicted that there'd come a day where shelves were clear of toilet paper? Or that schools and businesses across the country would close down for months? Or that a face mask would become an essential for everyone?

And yet, that is the reality we are currently facing. Face masks are recommended everywhere... and in more and more places even required. Today, I am excited to share with you a different kind of face covering to consider: Hoo-Rags.

I first heard about Hoo-Rags several years ago, when a package showed up on our doorstep for my husband. It was the first of many packages that he'd order from them throughout the years... and honestly, I didn't see the big deal. I questions his love of them often--- I mean, why not just get a plain ol' bandanna? And then... a pandemic happened, and I changed my tune. 

But first, what are Hoo-Rags?

Founded in 2012 by outdoor enthusiasts, Hoo-rag has become a leader in revolutionary headwear. Our products are tested by us. Whether you are on the water, in the field or on the trail, you can rock the Hoo-rag over 10 ways. From a facemask to a headband, the Hoo-rag will have you Headed for adventure! 

What sets it apart from a bandanna?

First the most obvious, the style. They come in a wide variety of prints that best match your needs--- with great styles for both men and women (and children too). They come in a tubular design, which makes them easier to use (nothing to tie!) and allows them to be used in a wide variety of ways. They are m
oisture wicking, lightweight, breathable & comfortable too, with UV protection as well. 

Why choose Hoo-Rag over your typical face mask?

While it seems like this new normal of mask wearing might be around for a while longer... I must admit the frugal part of me dislikes spending a lot of money of face masks that will (hopefully) be unnecessary when all of this has passed. Hoo-Rags, however, are much more versatile.

As I mentioned, my husband has been using them for many years already. So, what did he use them for? Mostly for motorcycle riding and off roading in his Jeep. Not only did they offer him some sun protection in those places not covered by his helmet on the motorcycle, it helped keep bugs out of his mouth on the bike...and mud out in the Jeep! He would also use them over his head as well during outdoor activities to help wick away sweat. My daughter would occasionally use one of his during Jeep rides as well, keeping her long hair out of her face. It also gave her some sun protection, where a hat wasn't ideal (as they could blow off).

When the pandemic hit, my husband was already covered thanks to his Hoo-Rags... and when it's over, they won't just sit in a drawer. Can't argue with that! 

While I was already familiar with the brand, it definitely took the pandemic for me to learn more about them and appreciate their usefulness. I didn't realize all the ways to wear them, or that they offered UV protection. I also didn't realize that they had more then just the men's styles my husband enjoyed--- but styles for women and children as well... and even headband styles that are thinner and more ideal for use as...well, a headband.

When Hoo-Rag reached out to ask if we'd like to try a few out, I finally got to see for myself what all the fuss was about. 

We were able to try out a style for men (or unisex), women, children and the headband style. The women's print was absolutely gorgeous... and so much more stylish than those my husband already had. My favorite for myself though was definitely the headband style. It was still plenty thick enough to use as a face covering as well, but also much more convenient as a headband. Though I've not returned to the gym yet, I know that these will be a staple for me once we do, to help keep my crazy hair out of the way as I'm working out. I also love them to help cover my forehead as I work in the garden or am otherwise outside. Sun protection is a HUGE deal for me--- I'm part Irish, I'm 32, and I have a strong family history of cancer, so anytime spent outside means I'm taking all possible precautions to protect my skin--- sunscreen and large hats are my go to (as I also have sunlight induced migraines), but on those occasions that I cannot wear my floppy hats due to wind, these are fantastic... or add even an extra layer underneath.

As for the child's style, we're definitely a fan of it as well. My daughter is tiny so while her dad's Hoo-Rags might have gotten the job done okay, they were still a bit loose. These child sizes are just right for her... and she rather enjoys the fun design too.

Okay, okay... I admit it... my husband was right! It may not happen often (😉), but in this case, it's true. Hoo-Rags are fantastic. I've officially been converted to the Hoo-Rag side--- through the pandemic and beyond!

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