Thursday, July 16, 2020

Five Great Ways to Make Every Milestone Birthday Special

Milestone birthdays make a difference in our lives. When we are young, it’s when we turn 18 or 21 and finally have all the rights of an adult. As we get older, it’s to celebrate another decade of life. By celebrating the milestones, we can make them special, and give them a positive meaning in our lives. When we’re younger, our new rights are the goal, but as we get older, we need to celebrate our milestones so that we can appreciate how far we have come.

They’re also the perfect excuse to go all out, so if you need some ideas or tips to help you plan for a loved one’s milestone birthday, look no further:

1.   Choose a Fun Theme

Go all out with a theme for the milestone birthday, and don’t worry about traditions. You can have a lot of fun with the theme because the point is to make this milestone memorable. Get fifty penguin statues for a fiftieth birthday and put them out on the front lawn. Go all out with a Vegas theme for a 21st birthday. Make it fun, make it big, and make it a laugh.

2.   Get a Venue

If you don’t have the space to host a big bash for your loved one at your home, rent a venue. There are plenty of options that are budget-friendly or even offer a hybrid option. For example, you can rent out a space in a bar for a small price, so long as all the guests make up enough on the tab.

3.   Get Custom Decorations

Custom decorations are the perfect way to really sell the theme you’ve chosen and to delight the birthday person. Think personalised cake toppers, custom balloons, and even napkins. The cheesier, the better, because a big birthday bash deserves to make a huge impact. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s memorable. When it comes to making a big deal about a birthday milestone, those are the top three characteristics you want to nail.

4.   Invite Everyone (Well in Advance)

Big milestone birthdays are meant to be celebrated by all the birthday person’s loved ones, so invite them. Just remember that many people have busy schedules, others might even need to book a flight or make a big drive. Plan the party in advance and make sure everyone prepares for the party.

Extenuating circumstances may still come up, but at least you can rule out logistical problems with a last-minute party out of the way.

5.   Tips for Gifts

You can go all out for a milestone birthday gift or not. It depends entirely on your relationship and your means. If all you can afford to do is plan a big day for their milestone birthday, then that’s a perfect gift as it is. If you also want to wow them with a big gift that they have had on their wish list forever, then you’ll just make their birthday that much more special.

Milestones need to be celebrated, and if your loved one isn’t planning a big bash for themselves, then you should use this guide to plan it for them.


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