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Everything Your Bathroom Renovation Needs to Become The Oasis You Deserve

A trip to the spa is what we all crave at one point or another. It’s natural. We want to be pampered and feel good. If we look more beautiful and glowing around the edges after we’re done, all the better. Unfortunately for most the time and cost of going to a spa is beyond us. We can treat ourselves every once in a while, but to really feel the benefits of being pampered, it should happen more than once a week.

With the right bathroom design, however, you can bring the spa home to you. Treat yourself every morning as you get ready for the day and lull yourself to sleep with a soothing routine before bed. You can do it all, just remember to include these components in your bathroom renovation:

1.   Waterproofing

This is probably the most important practical element you will want to make sure is done correctly. Hire professionals with years of experience to do your job, like those at woodstonebathrooms.com, and you can rest easy knowing that the beautiful design you have planned will be watertight and easy to keep clean. Don’t cut corners when it comes to bathroom renovations; you need it done correctly to last.

2.   Great Light

Lighting is another thing that you will want to consider. Adding a skylight or expanding the size of your windows is very expensive; however, so instead, think about where you can have mirrors installed to bounce the natural light available.

Then, you will want to turn your thoughts to night. Where lights go is critical. Done right, you can have a variety of lighting moods to choose from. Bright light for practical getting ready. Romantic light for when you want to soak in the tub. With just a few changes and smart thinking, you can have your bathroom ready for anything.

3.   Ample Storage

Storage is another big one. Unless you have a linen closet to keep all your towels, this is going to go into the bathroom. Think of ways that you can include more storage in your bathroom, without it adding bulk.

4.   Comfort

Be clear on the comfort features you want. This could be a heated floor or a vanity you can sit at. At the very least, have a look at the different bath and shower options. These are definitely the most comfortable parts of any bathroom, so you want them to work for you personally.

5.   Accessibility

Bathrooms should be accessible, but the level of accessibility depends on a variety of factors. If you are experiencing mobility issues now, there is a good chance they won’t go away or even may get worse. Arthritis that affects your joints is just one example.

In this case, instead of a tub, you may enjoy a shower with a bench installed into it, or even a steam room.

6.   Timeless Design

Forget the trend books. Stick to what you love and have always loved. You want your bathroom to look stunning the entire time you live in your home. You can often add decorative elements to keep up with the times but choose a timeless backdrop to make your new bathroom the perfect investment. 


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