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How to Love Your Job More

How many hours do you work every year? It might surprise you when you add it all up. The average worker in the US attends work for around 1,812 hours every year – now you can see why it is so important that you love your job, or at least enjoy it enough that those 1,812 hours aren’t miserable ones.

If you aren’t so keen on your job and want to know how to enjoy it more, here are some useful tips that should help you. Remember though; if your job is a problem and you have the chance to find a new one, this can sometimes be the best option for your health and happiness.

Think of the Positives
Almost every job is going to have both positive and negative parts to it. The problem is that human beings are programmed to see the negative first; it’s a defense mechanism that helps us to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to work this can mean that we become rather unhappy or even depressed about what we’re doing.

Instead of focusing on the negative, take time each day to think of the aspects of your job you enjoy. If you commute, use that traveling time to list out three things each day that you like best about your job, and keep those in mind. You’ll walk into work with a much more positive attitude and the entire day will feel better.

Enjoy Your Workspace
Even if your job itself is very interesting and you’re extremely good at it, if your workplace is an uncomfortable one you’re still not going to love your job as much as you should. It’s important to spend your working day in a comfortable space, especially when you think of the many hundreds of hours each year you’re going to be sitting there.

Try to personalize your space if you can. This might mean putting pictures or items from home on your desk, for example. It could mean having a pot plant. To really make the space your own you might be able to use timber glazed partitions to give you a more private place to work. Of course, you should also ensure your workspace is clean and tidy; a trash can by your desk can make a big difference, and having a cleaning rota if you work with others can help too.

Plan Your Work Day
If one of the reasons you don’t like your job as much as you think you should is that you feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to do, and you come into work only to stress about how much has to get done, take a step back and make a to do list. This will help you to plan your work day much better, and ensure, as far as possible, that you get everything done before you go home.

Preventing numerous late nights at work or taking work home with you is a great way to love your work more; you’ll be able to spend more time with your family too.


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