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How to Get the Family Involved in Your Home Renovation

Home renovations are exciting and disruptive, and they can take weeks and months to finalize after some painstaking work on the part of yourself, your family, and professional tradesmen. In this article, you’ll learn how to renovate your home with the help of your family — including children — in order for the renovation to be part of your family’s fun. While there are certainly some elements to home renovation that you should leave to the professionals, there are other elements that you and your family can take care of, as explained below.


Some parts of your home need to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt to the new standards that you’re setting for your interiors. During this stage of your renovations, your children may delight in helping you to change your home and they’ll learn some important skills while doing so. Of course, it’s important that you buy all the necessary gear to protect your children before they get into the tasks that you set them, such as:

  • Removing old tiles from the kitchen or the bathroom
  • Ripping down old wallpaper
  • Bringing up old wooden flooring with a hammer or lever
  • Carrying scraps from the home into a hired dumpster

In all of these tasks, your children will have some agency in the renovation of your home and will delight in helping you to secure the renovation you’ve planned.


At the same time as your destruction of the parts of your home that you’ll be renovating, you’ll also want to scrap a number of household items that you no longer wish to have in your home. These might be items of furniture, pieces of art, or other belongings that you’ve been clinging onto for far too long.

When you have a family willing to help you with this task, it can take a full afternoon to get all the waste items from your home and into a dumpster outside it. Contact Omaha Dumpster Rental companies to get a dumpster on your driveway, which you’ll have collected once it’s full of the debris and waste from your renovation project.

Finishing Touches

Finally, it’s worth involving your family in the final stages of your home renovation when the builders, plumbers and electricians have finished with their tasks. Your children, in particular, will be able to take a hand in:
  • Painting the new walls of your home
  • Cleaning up the waste that’s accumulated in the corners of your home
  • Helping you to glue parts of furniture together, or nail them to the wall
  • Replacing items to their usual place in your home

This is an exciting final stage to your home renovation and one to cherish with your whole family. With all of your contributing a little labor to the changes you’re making to your home, you’ll all feel that you’ve played an important part in making your home the kind of space that you can relax in happily in the future.

Use the tips above to help your family have a stake in your home renovation projects in the future.


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