Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to Bring Your Bride's Fairytale to Life

If you and your bride-to-be had to postpone or cancel your wedding day due to restrictions related to COVID-19, she may need some serious cheering up. While having to put your wedding on hold is disappointing, the most important thing to remember is that you still have each other.
Even though your big day won't be official until you say, "I do," you can still celebrate at home together in quarantine. Here are just a few ways you can bring your bride's fairytale to life:

Make or Order in a Romantic Dinner

Make the evening special with a romantic dinner for two at home. Ask her to get dressed up while you arrange the table with a menu, candles and wine to set the scene. If you're confident in the kitchen, you can cook her a three-course meal and make it feel like her own personal restaurant. 
Of course, there's an alternative for anyone who doesn't like cooking. Simply order takeout or delivery from one of your favorite restaurants and enjoy your gourmet feast.

Spoil Her with Lacy Lingerie

Every bride-to-be deserves to feel spoiled, so make it a point to flatter her with some sexy lingerie. Bridal lingerie is available in a range of styles, and you can't go wrong with a set in white lace. Pair this with a beautiful white robe that she can wear on lazy days at home, and voilĂ  — you've now treated her like the queen she is.

Decorate Your Home in Style

Decorate your home in a wedding theme to bring the fairytale to life. For example, flowers and balloons can be strategically placed to brighten up any room. On a warm evening, you may want to hang out and sit outdoors. Fairy lights will create a soft ambiance and can be complemented by lanterns or candles. You can keep the romance alive in the bedroom with rose petals and chocolates placed on the bed.

Connect with Friends via Video Chat

Weddings are celebrated with family and friends, but this may not be possible if you're under quarantine. Video chat is a safe alternative, and you can schedule a time during the evening to catch up with those you care about. As they send their best wishes, your bride-to-be will be sure to smile, and this will get her excited about her upcoming wedding day.

Say Your Vows

You can share your personalized vows, wedding speech or letter with her to remind her of what she means to you. Even though she will have to wait for the official title of Mrs., she will be delighted by this fairytale ending to the night.
If you prefer to save this as a surprise for your actual wedding day, you can reenact the proposal by getting down on one knee. The good news is, you don't have to feel nervous, because she already said "yes!"

Bringing the Fairytale to Life

Even if your bride can't have the wedding of her dreams right now, you can still make her feel like a princess. On the night of your postponed wedding, spoil her with delicious food and a beautifully decorated home.
With romantic white lace lingerie, floral arrangements, fairy lights and good wine, your bride will be able to relax as you enjoy the evening together. Finish the night by making her feel extra special, with a speech from the heart!


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