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Fun Pool Games for Children

Pools are great fun, and now the sun is making an appearance it is time to get the swimsuits out, the suntan lotion on, and the snacks outside. After splashing around in the pool for a while, parents might have other things to tend to such as a barbeque, which means the children's favorite pretend shark might be away for a while. To keep children entertained, pool games are a fantastic option! They are also an excellent way for children to get exercise in!

Here are some brilliant pool games for children to enjoy.

 Sharks and Minnows Pool Game


An oldie but a goodie, this classic pool game is a slippery take on the favorite "tag". The game requires someone to be the shark, who waits at the end, or the middle of the pool, and other children are the minnows, waiting for the shark's command to get in the water. It is then the minnows challenge to make it across the pool without being tagged by the shark!
 Every time the shark tags a minnow, the minnow has to join the shark's team to help catch the others!

Diving for Treasure Pool Game

Another classic that is a fun time and time again is diving for treasure. Place things for the children to retrieve at the bottom of the pool, such as sinking underwater toys. Make a tally, and whoever retrieves the most toys wins the game! This one is great for practicing diving skills and getting used to being under the water. 

Before the children get in the pool, why not have a pool service completed? That way, the pool will be cleaned to a professional standard, and the children can dive to their heart's content!

Chicken Fight Pool Game

This one is for the older children, who can hold another child's weight on their shoulders. It is also bound to cause a bunch of laughter!

One child sits on top of another child's shoulders, and in pairs, try to knock the other one-off.

The reason this game is best in the pool is because when children fall off into the water, it is safe, so parents have peace of mind if children want to do some water wrestling. For even more hilarity, add in some pool noodles to use as a soft and safe joust for hours of entertainment.

 Ping Pong Balls for a Pool Game

There is something so satisfying about having a bunch of ping pong balls, so imagine the fun to be had when a bunch of them are emptied into a pool! This game could be seen as the real-life version of hungry hippos, so stock up on, and hand out buckets or nets, so the children have something to collect the balls, and whoever gets the most by the end, wins the game! 

For games like this, why not consider a small prize? It could be a treat size candy bar or even a homemade certificate! No matter how small, children are always proud of anything that they win! 


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