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Dressing Up For Video Conferences- How To Look Amazing On Screen

Things have changed drastically in the last few months, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect of human existence. On the work front, the sudden switch from face-to-face interactions to Skype and Zoom calls had made things challenging. The biggest concern is probably setting the stage for video conferencing because you need to make things appear as professional as they would have been in the office. And you will surely have to look your best, which gets even tougher when you work from home. Let us share some useful tips for looking good on screen as you attend work conferences virtually.

Stick to professional dressing

Even though you may feel lazy as you slog from home, there is no excuse to skip the professional dressing. Stick to outfits you would otherwise wear to an official meeting. As a rule of thumb, avoid just wearing a good top because that’s what people tend to do while taking calls from the bedroom or living room. You may need to stand up suddenly in the middle of the call and no one would want a peek at your track pants. Be careful about the accessories too, as anything too big and loud tends to attract undue attention. When it comes to pro dressing, simplicity is the key.

Revamp your wardrobe if you have to

Style etiquette for video conferencing is very simple- you need to dress for the screen. Opt for solid, bold colors that flatter your skin tone. Steer clear of plaids, stripes, and patterns as they aren’t great for on camera. Be extra careful about wearing white as you may end up with a see-through. Have a good look at your wardrobe and consider a revamp if needed. You may check out this Facebook page JustFab to get some cool fashion advice, or you can even go-ahead to implement it by shopping a few new outfits for your con calls. While a revamp is a good idea for refreshing your work wardrobe, it will also perk up your mood right now.

Be sure about good fits

Wearing the right colors and patterns has you covered to a significant extent but you cannot be less attentive about good fits. Anything that is too tight or loose would make you feel uneasy and even show up on the screen. A collared shirt is a good idea because it eliminates the chance of a wardrobe malfunction such as your innerwear peeking out. Finally, check that there aren’t any stains or wrinkles on your outfit because they tend to stand out and distract others.

Pay attention to your makeup and hair

Apart from choosing the most amazing outfits for professional video calls, you must go the extra mile with your makeup and hair as well. Accentuate your best features, particularly your eyes. Flaws are easily visible on the screen, so master the art of con call makeup by checking a YouTube video or getting some good advice from your personal stylist. Style up your hair before the call or simply tie them up in a neat bun or ponytail if you aren’t having a great hair day.

While styling well for the video calls can make all the difference, don’t forget to dress the background as well. Also, having good lighting is important to look good on screen.


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