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20 Inspiring Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

Your wedding is supposed to be the most unforgettable time of your life, so it is best to take certain steps to make it that way. There are plenty of things that can do to make your wedding amazing. Things like certain decorations, staff, food, and activities can take your wedding to the next level. Here are 20 ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable.
Wedding Signs
Wedding signs can add a unique aesthetic to the look of the wedding. Signs will point people in the direction of things such as games or the bar, should there be one. There are a plethora of designs the sign can come in. It is best to match the style of the signs to the style of the wedding. If done right, this will only make the wedding more beautiful. Go online for information from visual itineraries.
Personalized Wedding Favors
Guests will be delighted when they receive a personalized gift. These can be things that are very small or big. If no ideas are coming to mind, try little laser-cut pieces placed on people's tables. These can be their names or little symbols associated with them. When guests are greeted by these items, they will feel spoiled.
Instead of little items to greet guests with, try little treats. These can be treats such as cookies, brownies, or little candies. You can also match these treats to the theme of the wedding if there is one. Say the wedding has a certain color theme—you can match the color of the treats to the color of the wedding.
Games are a great way to add a little fun competitiveness to your wedding. It also helps to get a group of people in one place if that is what you desire. These can be simple games or more complex. Games such as corn hole and ping pong are good for small weddings, as they do not need a lot of people. If you have a lot of people at your wedding, a game such as Jenga can be great for a larger group.
Other Types of Entertainment
There are other ways to entertain your guests besides games. Most weddings have a dance floor, but not all guests have a passion for dance. Other sources of entertainment can be things like a photo booth or video presentation.
Drinking Options
Most weddings provide an open bar, but if that is not your style, there are other ways to provide a source of hydration for the guests. Depending on the time of year you are having your wedding, you can match the type of drink served to the season.
A good videographer
Your wedding is something you are going to want to remember. A good videographer or team of videographers can help to capture the night or day perfectly. You can find a good videographer through possible friends or family who recently got married. You can also look online to find wedding videographers in your area.
A Good Photographer
Just like a videographer, a photographer is key to capture the moment. Videos are good to watch later, but pictures can be hung up anywhere and looked at constantly. Good pictures can provide a constant reminder of a great wedding.
Fireworks are a great way to entertain and delight. These fireworks can be big ones shot up into the sky or little handheld fireworks carried around. Lots of people enjoy carrying around a sparkler while others enjoy a beautiful firework show. If you can't decide which one to use to delight the guests, use both.
Depending on the venue, you may require a type of transport to take guests from the parking lot to the venue. There are a plethora of transportation methods. You can provide guests with shuttles, buses, double-decker buses, or trolleys. If the wedding has a theme, you can try to match the transportation with the theme.
Every wedding needs music, especially if there is a dance floor. You have to decide if you'd rather have a live singer, band, or a DJ. Work with whoever will be providing the music on creating a playlist you like. You have to have all the different kinds of music ready for the dance floor and a slow dance. Music provides a key element for all weddings.
Cake and Dessert Table
A cake table provides a nice decoration and an area for guests to get dessert. Even if you do not plan to provide a cake for the guests, you should provide some sort of dessert. If no cake, then other desserts such as cupcakes or cookies make for a great replacement.
Speeches are crucial to the success of the wedding. A bad speech can change the whole demeanor of the wedding, so it's important to give a good one.
Balloons act as a great decoration. They come in a big variety of colors and shapes, therefore they can add to the theme of the wedding. Balloons can also be good souvenirs when the wedding is over.
The archway in which the ceremony is done should look beautiful. It can be decorated with flowers or even balloons.
Flower Decorations
It can be agreed by almost everyone that flowers are beautiful. Flower decorations contribute to a beautiful wedding.
Dance Floor
A normal dance floor is always fun, but adding decorations to the dance floor will up the fun quotient.
Thank You Cards
A wedding will always bring in gifts, therefore it's important to send thank you cards as a sign of gratitude.
Although it's not a part of the wedding, a good invitation can start a great wedding. Beautiful invitations may promote more guests.
The Venue
The venue may be the most important part of the wedding. You need to choose a venue that looks amazing, can fit all your guests, and is in your budget.
There are a lot of things that can help to make your wedding memorable, and making the right decisions is crucial for an unforgettable wedding.


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