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4 Ways to Be Happier at Work

If you’re unhappy in your career, it is likely your frustration will eat into your personal life, and it could even affect your mental health. Rather than accepting that your job is a downside of your everyday life, you should take steps to improve your career satisfaction.
To wake up feeling excited for a working day, rather than dreaming about the weekend, you should read the following four ways to be happier at work.

Embark on a New Career
Many employees are often dissatisfied in their role because they feel undervalued by their employer, or a position doesn’t utilize their strengths. While you shouldn’t immediately quit your job, you should look for a career that complements your skillset and will be personally fulfilling.

For example, you could say goodbye to a monotonous office job and embrace a nursing career. You also can achieve this goal at a faster rate with a 3 year BSN program, which could provide you with the knowledge and skillset to flourish in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

Ask for Feedback
A lack of feedback at work can be frustrating, as you will be unsure where you are going right or wrong. What’s more, you might question whether you are in line for a promotion or if your job is at risk. Rather than over-analyzing your position at a company, ask your employer for feedback.

By understanding your performance, you will be able to eliminate any weaknesses and build on your strengths, which could make you more confident in your role. As a result, you might feel happier to go to work each day, and it could even lead to you securing a pay raise or a promotion.

Make Friends at Work
According to a recent Virgin study, 1 in 10 people do not have any friends at work, which can lead to a lack of fulfillment in their role. The same study also discovered that 70% of employees believe that friendship in the workplace is the most crucial element to a happy working life.

If you aren’t on friendly terms with your colleagues, take the time to get to know them both inside and outside the office. For instance, you could attempt to strike up a conversation when making a cup of coffee, take an interest in their personal lives, and attend after-work events. It could lead to you making one or more friends, who could make your working life much happier.

4.   Take Control of Your Professional Development
If a lack of career progression is eating away at your happiness, take control of your professional development. For example, volunteer for projects that will require you to learn new skills or provide a mental challenge. You also could sign-up for training courses, attend conferences, and read industry textbooks and articles. You’ll feel more in control of your career and more confident in your ability, which could help you to climb the corporate ladder in your current job or at a different company.


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