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Secrets of family vlog

First of all, you need to clearly understand what is meant by vlogs. This is a video in which you literally “let in” subscribers and just random channel visitors into your personal space. You have breakfast together, go to school, college or work, travel and relax. Of course, only you decide what to show and what not. But, as practice shows, the vlog, which is removed exclusively in one place and does not contain any exits to the city, visits to cafes, shops or entertainment centers, is not particularly popular with the audience.

For many of your subscribers, vlog is an opportunity to visit, albeit “virtually”, in an interesting place, to travel and meet interesting people. Therefore, when you want to understand how good it is to shoot a vlog, just put yourself in the place of your subscriber and think if it will be interesting for you to watch the video.

Day planning and shooting.

Starting in the evening, you should have a plan for the coming day. Think about what upcoming events you will be shooting and when you will be as busy as possible. Often you can observe a situation where a blogger shoots exclusively in the morning and in the evening, and the main part of the day falls out. Try to at least briefly, but still turn on the camera during the day. But how to remove vlog on the street? Many are frightened by the prospect of being ridiculed by others. However, this is the whole point. Be bolder. If you have chosen a YouTube career for yourself, shyness is what you have to deal with in the first place.

Constant work on oneself and self-development.

You learned how to shoot video vlogs correctly and beautifully, but how can you not only attract an audience, but also keep it on your channel? You should be delighted not only today and now. Do you have a business of your whole life? What can you share with subscribers? For whom can you become an example to follow? Only through constant work on yourself will you continue to delight and inspire your audience. Be in interesting places, meet extraordinary personalities, give useful tips

Camera selection

Choosing a camera for YouTube or vlogs can be very difficult. There are dozens of different models on the market, and when I was looking for a camera for myself, I spent countless time to figure out which one is the most worthy.

Canon M50 - best camera for YouTube

The biggest advantage is the affordable price. For a price of approximately $300, you get a camera and a standard 15-45 mm lens.

The camera is compact and lightweight (about 600 grams with a lens). It is easy to hold with one hand, which is important for vloggers.

The fast DIGIC 8 processor allows Canon to record video in 4K (25 frames per second). In FullHD, the write speed is even higher - 50 k.s. Thanks to this, you can achieve a twofold slowdown of the video during post-processing.

Thanks to the large APS-C matrix, image quality is at a high level.

Best camera for youtube

Additional lenses are relatively inexpensive. If you plan to shoot mostly selfie vlogs, you can take a closer look at the wide-angle lens Canon EF-M 11-22mm f / 4.0-5.6

The camera is equipped with fast and accurate Dual Pixel autofocus. It allows you to literally hover over an object in a second. Face tracking perfectly recognizes faces and keeps focus on you, even during active movement in the frame. It is possible to quickly focus with a simple click on the screen

The screen of the Canon M50 is rotary and during recording you can fully control what is happening in the frame.

The camera is very easy to use. The interface is logically thought out, the basic functions are intuitive even to a novice blogger.

A standard 3.5mm port is provided for connecting an external microphone. The microphone is mounted on top of the hot shoe and does not block the screen


Canon M50 is the best choice for FullHD video on YouTube.

4K is not mainstream on YouTube and will not be for a long time. Although, shooting at this resolution is very useful for cropping. But this can hardly be considered the main determining factor when choosing a camera.


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