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Moving Tips for Families

Moving is a tough job at the best of times, but when you’ve got kids to deal with too it’s a different kind of challenge. They might be struggling with the fact your moving house, especially if you’re moving to a new town away from their school friends. Even if you’re staying in the same area but upgrading to a better home, trying to get them to help out isn’t always easy! After a long day of organizing and packing you certainly feel exhausted. If you’re concerned about the stress of moving house, here are a few ideas that could help to make the experience easier for you.

Hire Movers

It’s an obvious thought that you’re going to need some professional help when hauling your family’s belongings across town or country. Even though you might be trying to keep to a strict budget during this time, hiring movers will certainly be worth the expense. It’s safer for you to have trained individuals carrying boxes and heavy furniture as it’s easy to hurt yourself if you don’t do this properly. They also have a lot more room in their vans which means you can keep the majority of your things in one place, rather than splitting it between cars.

Make it Fun

If you’re trying to get your kids to help with the packing or feel more excited about the move, you need to make it feel less like a chore. Why not try to turn packing into a game or competition? Something along the lines of whoever clears out their closet first gets a prize? It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe a candy bar or they get to choose what you have for dinner that night. This would work well with younger kids in particular and is a good way to keep them entertained and getting the packing done all-in-one.


As you begin to put more and more stuff into boxes, you might find your utensils for cooking start to disappear. Take-out is always an option for dinner but it’s better if you don’t eat that all the time, for health reasons and to save money. Even though you will be getting rid of food in the fridge and freezer, consider planning and batch cooking some meals that you can freeze. During the final week of packing when your things are all in boxes, you can reheat the frozen dinners and still provide your family with nutritious meals instead of relying on greasy take-out every night.

Time Off Work

If you and your partner both work during the week, this will cut into your packing time quite significantly. Although you can do this on the weekends, consider taking a couple of days off work to get as much done as possible in the week before you move. Although you might not want to lose the vacation days, it could help reduce the stress of moving a lot if you give yourself this extra time.
Moving your family to a new home can be tough, but it should be a positive experience. Consider these tips next for your move to make it easier.


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