Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Four Little Known Reasons Why A Motorcycle Is A Good Investment

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that these last few weeks have been tough. New ways of working, more time with our family, and in some cases less time with other members of the extended family. It’s been tough, but it’s also shown us what’s important and what we should value in life.

How does that relate to motorcycles you may ask? One word: freedom. If there’s something we’ve all considered over the last few weeks, is that time equals freedom, and freedom trumps everything.

Here are four little known reasons why a motorcycle is a good investment for time and freedom.

Motorcycles are good for the environment

As most of the world stays at home, we’re seeing many more reports that the planet is breathing a sigh of relief, pollution levels are falling and even the hole in the ozone layer is beginning to mend itself. Surely this can’t last though. When we return to some semblance of “normal” life, will it all change again? Is that really the legacy we want to leave?

Enter the motorbike. As Science & Enterprise points out, motorcycles have fewer parts to break (meaning less need for factories manufacturing parts). They produce fewer emissions, so less pollution going into the atmosphere, and they cause less impact on the transport infrastructure, the roads and highways, leading on to...

Motorcycles are good for commuting

One of the main benefits of a motorbike is that they can keep going. Even in standstill traffic, and even a bigger motorbike. Zipping in and out means less time wasted commuting to and from work, or shops, or the doctors, anywhere you need to go. As a bonus, motorcycles are smaller than cars, so parking them is usually a breeze!

Motorcycles are good for beginners

There’s a motorcycle for everyone, or so they say. If you’re considering getting a motorcycle, and you’re a beginner, it’s important to go to a decent shop and talk to the guys there about which one will be best for you. Somewhere like will be able to take you through the process of picking and buying your first motorcycle, what to look for, what will suit your body shape and size, and what gear you’ll need to make sure your riding experience is safe and enjoyable at every turn.

Motorcycles are good for freedom

Motorcycles embody freedom. It’s as simple as that. The feeling of being on the open road, alone, the wind all around you as you grip the handlebars. It’s truly an experience.

As the world faces an uncertain future, and we’re all feeling the pressure of being cooped up indoors for weeks on end, the allure of riding by yourself down an empty highway is really attractive.

Motorcycles can offer the chance to get out on our own and enjoy the solitude. No passengers, no worries about traffic, about parking, just jump on and go. We can go places the cars and the trucks can’t, and we can experience a world of motoring unlike any other.




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