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An Essential Guide To Living In A Small Apartment

Apartment living is an amazing experience because you get all the amenities you want along with the privacy you desire. Despite the immense benefits, things have to be handled a little differently if you plan to rent one that is small in size. There may be the need to go the extra mile with organization and storage in small living spaces. Plus, you may have to get creative with the decor as well. Still, the growing popularity of one-bedroom and studio apartments says it all. Just being a little prepared for small apartment living can make you comfortable right from the day you step into your haven. Here is an essential guide for renters who are looking to rent a small apartment as their new home.

Organization is vital
When you have to fit your lifestyle in a small apartment, the organization is vital. Even the most spacious of homes may seem small when you have clutter around, so you can well imagine how important decluttering is for a small space. The best advice is to stick to the basics, dump everything that you don’t need or use any more. Get rid of old clothes, shoes, books, and appliances periodically and you will be amazed to see how well-organized the place looks. As a rule of thumb, anything that you haven’t used for a few months is to be regarded as clutter. Get rid of it sooner rather than later. Make a routine to clean the apartment twice a day and put things in the right places. A deep clean on the weekends will help you keep the place looking sane.

Get smart with storage
You cannot expect to have storage on demand in a rented apartment but creating as much space as you can is the key to survival in small apartments. Get smart with storage because you cannot make any major changes in the living space. Use every corner that you can. Buy furniture pieces that double as storage; a storage bed, for instance, can serve as the closet while a center table with a cabinet can be your best friend from the storage perspective. Fit shelves in the walls to house books and knick-knacks. Great storage solutions go beyond the functional aspects, they can actually look good and add amazing vibes to your living space.

Invest in personalized decor
Apart from adhering to storage and organization basics, you must give the place a personalized touch. Of course, you would want the place to match your personal taste and it will look amazing, no matter how small it may be. Invest in furniture pieces that fit well, without looking too large. Anything simple and minimal is great, so long that it matches your needs. Arrange them properly so that you can easily move around in the limited apartment space. Place nice rugs everywhere but make sure that you secure them under furniture pieces to avoid trips and falls. Pretty curtains, good lighting, and removable wallpaper are some other smart investments for your small living space.

Choose wisely
Apart from everything else in this checklist, the most important aspect for renters who want to move into an apartment is to choose wisely. Consider the area of the place and the number of rooms to see if it works for your needs. The options at 16th street apartments are small yet spacious and have all the amenities that you may be looking for. While moving to a new place, things like a good neighborhood and amenities are as important aspects to consider as the size is. When you make the choice, look at the bigger picture rather than worrying about having to manage in a limited floor area.

Keep experimenting
Another smart idea to live easy in a small apartment is to keep experimenting. Even though it is rental accommodation, think of the space as your home and keep doing something new with the decor. Change the curtains, buy new rugs, and add some fresh vibes to the place with indoor plants. You may also create a small garden in a corner by installing a wall frame and decorating small indoor potted plants on it. Or create a focal point in the living room with a collage of family pictures on one of the walls. Rearrange the furniture pieces once a while to create a fresh look for the place.

Have a dedicated workspace
People love to work from home these days and having a dedicated workplace is the key to being productive even while working from your living space. But this may be a challenge in a small apartment. Still, establishing a comfortable and organized workspace should be your top priority. Choose a designated area- it could be a corner in your bedroom or dining room. Place a desk and chair to make it feel like a workspace. Ensure good lighting and keep the place clean to be your productive best. As a rule, this area should be clutter-free all the time so that you may sit to work whenever you feel like.

Don’t overdo
The most important tip to be comfortable in a small apartment is avoiding doing too much. Skip the idea of having designated areas for dining, entertaining and attending guests. If having means on the couch works for you, skip a dining table. You will save a lot of space and can actually pick a comfy recliner instead. Look for foldable pieces such as a sofa cum bed that you may open up for unexpected guests and fold otherwise. Opt for lightweight furniture because it is easy to move. This way you will be able to clean and rearrange easily and effortlessly.

Though small apartment living requires a lot of smart thinking, a little personalization, and some adjustment, the minimalist lifestyle could actually give you incredible comfort in the long run. You may gradually realize that there couldn’t be a better way of living. Just try to make the place feel like home and the size and space will no longer matter!


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