Friday, March 6, 2020

Overcoming Your Childs Fear of the Doctors: A Guide

Taking your child to see a medical professional is an essential and inevitable part of their life; however, their fear of the doctor is unfortunately also likely, too. It can be very challenging to handle a child who is fearful of the doctor, which is very problematic if you need them to attend an appointment for the good of their health.

Nevertheless, by taking the right steps and asking for support, helping your child to overcome their fear doesn’t have to feel like an impossible dream.

·        Take a Home Comfort With You

Anything which is familiar to your child and reminds them of home will be a great help when you go to the doctor. It could be a favorite toy, teddy, blanket or anything from their room that makes them feel a little bit more comfortable. This familiarity can help when they are in a new environment.
·        Find a Family-Focused Establishment

To have the best chance of making your child feel at ease, you need to choose a medical establishment which is tailored for family treatment and has experience in dealing with children. Dependable providers of family healthcare like will be able to assess your child’s fear and behavior and help them to feel more at ease during their appointments. This can help to build trust for your child, too, so that they feel less fearful about returning to the same place.

·        Be Honest with Them

Tricking your child into going to the doctors or telling them they are actually going elsewhere won’t be any help in building trust and comfort. Your child will then associate the doctor’s office with being lied to.

Being honest helps your child to prepare for what is to come. You can initially explain to your child that they are going to be meeting with a friendly doctor who is going to take a look at them. In the case of more specific treatments, you should explain the process as openly as possible so that they do not react badly.

·        Reward Them

Nobody likes going to the doctor. Even adults experience anxiety about attending a medical appointment. This means that for children who are experiencing anxiety, too, successfully going through an appointment may warrant a reward. It could be buying them a sweet treat afterward, letting them choose what’s for dinner or giving them a few minutes extra of screen time. Speak with them about what they would like and explain that if they behave appropriately and bravely at the doctors, you can share a treat together afterward as a family.

·        Take a Distraction

Often, the wait for appointments can be the worst part. Your child may make it to the waiting room without fuss but may begin to be restless and worried as they wait in this new environment.

Taking a distraction may help to settle their nerves, such as their favorite game on an iPad or being able to watch their favorite cartoon.


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