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How to Spend a Weekend without the Kids

As important as it is to spend the weekend bonding with your children and making memories, it is also essential that you have some time for just you and your partner. You likely spend every waking minute tending to your children’s needs while trying to provide for them at the same time, so it is only right that you deserve some much-needed time with your significant other without the kids!

This guide will take you through exactly how you can spend your weekend when you don’t have to look after the kids.

Experience contemporary cuisine
A weekend without the kids gives you the perfect opportunity to try out restaurants and eateries that normally would be out of the question due to fussy children. So take advantage of this opportunity, check out the high-end restaurants, book a table for two, and enjoy a candlelit dinner while you talk. However, why not make this a completely new experience by taking an adventure into contemporary cuisine? Enjoy a prime flat-iron steak or take a gamble with the ‘It’s a Mystery’ dish over a Winter Spritzer cocktail or chardonnay at Hock + Hoof and let the unexpected flavors of fresh local market food tickle your taste buds. You will fall in love with the delicious dishes and want to come back again and again.

However, don’t worry! If you want to come back, they are able to cater for large families, so even with the kids in tow, they will be able to see to your needs. 
Book a weekend getaway
If you can get a babysitter for the entire weekend, then this is the perfect way to spend the weekend! Escape from the hustle and bustle of your home town and spend some quality time together in a new location. You could head to the beach or see what the countryside has to offer, for example, and explore the local delicacies, chill in your hotel, and try out different activities that allow you to bond.

·         Go for a hike
Being outdoors has been known to offer some great benefits. One of these being that it can boost happiness. However, by going on a hike, you are also exercising and spending some quality time with each other. Put away the phones, embrace nature (and each other), and see what the outdoors can bring you.

·         Do something you’ve always wanted to do
Has there always been something that you both have wanted to do? Whether this is learning to scuba dive, surf, skydive, or how to ski, you should try it together. Even if you are not perfect and you fall off the surfboard countless times, by learning together, you are creating life long memories. 
Stay in bed
You might feel that you don’t want to do much more than just chill the entire weekend, and there is nothing wrong with this! See if the kids can sleepover at a friend or family member’s house, and enjoy a long rest in bed. You could make breakfast in bed for your significant other, binge watch a Netflix series, get intimate, have a pillow fight, or even just talk about random stuff. Whatever you feel is the most relaxing to do in bed and allows you to spend time with your partner, then do it!


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