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How to Make Your First Home Cosy

Your first home should be a relaxing and homely space where you can feel comfortable and settle in easily to your new life, whether you have chosen to move in with a partner or are starting out on your own for the first time. If you are looking to make your home as cosy as possible, here are some top tips on how to boost the comfort of your new home.

Buy a Fireplace

Fireplaces can make your home instantly warmer in more ways than one. The added warmth that emanates from them can make evenings snuggled under your blankets even more comforting, along with the nostalgic reminder of your childhood home that an open or gas fire may represent. Not only this, but the yellow lighting that fireplaces exude can create a calm and heart-warming ambiance that can help you to unwind during long evenings in front of the television or cuddled up with a book. To find the perfect fireplace for your home, you should consider looking for Bellfires London, which can help you to achieve the effect of a traditional fire in an energy-efficient and modernised manner.

Add Comfortable Furniture

The most important factor in creating a cosy first home is to add comfortable furniture which you can recline in when you get home from work. For instance, you should avoid investing in cold and hard materials such as leathers, and instead consider looking at sofas in a range of soft fabrics, such as velvets and cotton. This will make curling up with a drink much more comforting, and reduce the amount of backache that you feel the next morning. You should also consider investing in memory foam chairs for extra comfort.

Install Underfloor Heating

Nothing can be less cosy than waking up with cold feet, and, to make getting out of bed that much easier, you should consider installing underfloor heating into your home. Underfloor heating can be extremely advantageous as it can disperse the heat evenly around your flooring, ensuring that you are able to get the same pleasant experience no matter where you are in the room. Underfloor heating works particularly well in cooler rooms, such as conservatories, and can even boost your house’s value when you sell it.

Consider Fun Seating Options

Why should you make your home formal? Rather than creating a spartan environment to live in, you should put your well-being first by investing in fun seating options. For instance, if you need extra seating in your home, you should consider investing in plush floor pillows and bean bags, which can give your family extra options to recline in. In addition to this, who hasn’t dreamed of spending their days rocking in a hammock? There are many indoor hammocks available to give your home both serenity and a hint of the unusual.

Use Wood

Wood can make any room snug. If you are looking at transforming your room with wood, reworked wood is one of the best options as its slightly rustic, vintage appearance can give your home the log cabin vibes that many cosy homes replicate.


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