Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to Help Your First Pet Settle in

Adopting your first pet can help to make your house feel like a home, and this can be a giant milestone for many people. However, although owning a pet may be one of your lifetime dreams, it is important that you give your pet the time that it needs to settle down in your new home, and to get to know your little family. Here are some top tips for ensuring that the introduction of your new pet to your home will go smoothly.

·        Give Them CBD Treats

In the first days of adopting a new pet, it is likely that your animal will be fearful or overwhelmed by the experience of living in a new, unknown location. If your cat or dog is displaying symptoms of anxiety or stress, such as growling or hiding, you should consider investing in CBD treats that can soothe your animal in their new environment while also building up positive associations with you and your family. To buy CBD dog treats, CeeBeeDoo offers tasty treats for any anxious animal in many different flavors.

·        Give Them Their Own Space

In order to ensure that they are able to settle in without becoming disorientated in their new environment, you should create a space for your new pet where they are able to be alone and display their natural behavior. This space should be away from the rest of the house and it should also be off-limits to your family; except for the provision of food, water, and cautious affection. You can create the perfect space for your pet by investing in a bed—or a puppy crate if you are adopting a younger animal—and by placing toys and blankets around the space. You should also feed them here, and you could consider using aromatherapy or investing in a radio in order to create a relaxing environment.

·        Create a Routine

Creating a routine is one of the best steps towards enabling your pet to feel comfortable in your home. This rigid structure can lessen your dog’s stress levels, and can even help you to train them more successfully. This regular routine will also make sure that they realize that you are going to give them the food, exercise, playtime, and affection that they need on a daily basis.

·        Give Them Time

Patience is definitely a virtue with a new animal in the house, and you should ensure that you give them time to adjust to their new home. Not only should you introduce family members slowly, but you should avoid overwhelming them with attention in the first few hours. You should approach them cautiously or allow them to approach you, and you should also remain strict—while at the same time avoiding raising your voice or creating negative associations with you and your family.

·        Start Training Them

Training your pet can help both you and your pet to adjust to each other, as it can both limit the amount of disruption that your new pet causes to your lifestyle, while also helping them to understand the expectations that you have of them. Training can also strengthen your bond with your animal, exercise their mental capacities, and can ensure that there are limited days of wet floors and chewed-up possessions in the future. The best commands that you can teach your animal include: stay, fetch, sit, and no.


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