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How to Handle These 3 Common Dental Emergencies

If you find yourself in a dental emergency, you might not know exactly how to react. After all, they aren’t generally the types of emergencies that pose any major threats to your physical wellbeing, so you wouldn’t take such drastic measures as to call emergency services.

The first thing you need to do ahead of time is check to see if your dentist accepts emergency appointments. If you are seeking an emergency dentist, for example, it is good to find out that if and when an emergency arises, you can be seen without having to wait very long. Once you know where to go with your dental emergency, there are some different steps you’ll need to take in specific situations.

Here are some of the more common dental emergencies that you might face at some point with a few tips on how to handle them.

1) If You Lose a Tooth

When you are a kid, losing teeth can be exciting. It shows that you are growing up and you might get a little something from the tooth fairy. Losing a tooth as an adult, however, is an entirely different experience.

If you lose a tooth as a result of trauma to the face or mouth, you need to first assess yourself for any serious injury that requires a trip to the hospital. If, however, the trauma was fairly minor and the only injury you incur is the loss of a tooth, you should focus on seeing an emergency dentist within the hour.

A professional dentist in Woden will likely advise you to hold the tooth from the top only and avoid touching the root. If you are able to protect the root and get to your dentist within an hour then you might be able to avoid having a false implant. If the tooth is severely damaged, though, then you will need an implant anyway.

2) If You Experience Swelling Around Your Mouth

Swelling either in or around your mouth can mean a number of different things. You might have an abscess in your gum or you might have an infected tooth. No matter the reason, it is important to seek dental help at the first sign of swelling.

If you have to wait any amount of time before seeing your dentist, it is important to stay upright and avoid lying flat. This is because more blood will rush to your head when you lie down which can cause the pain at the swollen sight to become much worse.

3) If You Crack or Break a Tooth

The way in which to handle a cracked or broken tooth will depend on the severity. A tooth that is cracked all the way will need immediate medical attention while a small chip might only require a filling. Communicate with your dentist right away in order to discern the right course of action. Be specific about how much pain, if any, you are in.


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