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How to Get Your Family on Vacation this Summer

Organizing a family vacation for all of your loved ones can feel like quite the challenge. You need to ensure that everyone’s free and available for the dates that you’ve set, and that you’re able to make all of the bookings you need in order to guarantee a night’s sleep on the other end of your flight. Furthermore, you’ll need to get everything else organized so that your family can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re going to be well catered-for on their vacation. That’s where this guide comes in, showing you ways in which you can perfectly plan a family vacation this summer.

Time Off

Often, it can be difficult to find the time for a vacation. Between work commitments, school, clubs, activities and other social obligations like weddings and funerals, it’s difficult to segment out the time during which you’ll all fly away on a trip. Aligning your coming free time – and doing this as soon as possible – is important for getting the ball rolling on your trip.


Next up are your flights. You have your dates, and you have a destination in mind that you’d like to fly your family to over the course of the summer. The cheapest flights are often to be found on flight comparison websites, where you’ll be able to browse a flexible set of dates to find the very cheapest flights for your family. Recall, too, that early morning and late night flights are usually cheaper – while middle-of-the-day flights may be better for younger children.


You need to book in advance to ensure that your family will all have places to sleep while on their vacation. You should find those hotels, resorts or homestays where you feel your whole family can feel comfortable and happy. Bear in mind that you will find the largest resorts busy, and the faraway house stays will feel remote – so consider the atmosphere you’d like to be around before placing your booking once and for all.


What will you do on your vacation? All families are different, and most families tend to have a certain number of activities that they’re looking forward to doing on their trip. Whether that’s heading to the beach, checking out local eateries, snooping around museums, or giggling with glee at theme parks and water parks, you should draw up an exciting list to go over with your family when you’re getting away on your next summer vacation.


Finally, when you’re trying to gather all of your family to get them to that first stage of your trip – the airport – it’s well worth driving and using airport parking. From there, you can get easily into the airport without having to lug your bags through public transport. Search for spaces on ParkON in order to book your spot in a carpark for the duration of your vacation – and to pick up your car on your return from your marvelous holiday.

Use these tips to perfectly plan your next family vacation in the summer, ensuring no stone is left unturned in your attempt to create the perfect, memorable trip away.


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