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Four times you may need a solicitor

You will inevitably go through some monumental changes throughout your life. Some will be good, and some will be bad, but at each step, you will need to have the support of people that you trust. Your list will most likely include close friends, family, or even work colleagues. There should also be one crucial addition that you may not yet have thought of: a solicitor.

Getting legal support and advice during stressful times will not only help you do what’s best for your situation, but also for you and anyone that your decision may affect. Below are just four of the times in your life that you may find using a solicitor is the best thing to do.

Moving Home
A solicitor is responsible for transferring the title deeds for your new home and to make sure that your purchase is legal. Your solicitor will check that you legally own the estate, as well as carry out other searches and administration for the purchase.

Instructing a solicitor when you decide to buy a property will help to relieve you from a lot of the stress related to this process. You could do the conveyancing yourself, which is the process of transferring the deeds, but this isn’t recommended and will take a lot of time to complete. Conveyancing is difficult, and requires attention to detail.

Getting Divorced
This process will end your marriage and can only be done if you’ve been married for at least a year. Before applying for a divorce, you should try to agree on the reason for this with your former partner. These are called the grounds for divorce that show your marriage has broken down.

If you can’t agree, or if there are issues with costs, you should go to court. This is when you need legal advice from a solicitor, who can help you decide which of the facts you can use and what evidence you’ll need. They can also speak to your ex-partner and their solicitor and represent you in court. Using Lichfield Solicitors who specialize in these proceedings will ensure you get the best result.

Setting Up a Business
This may depend on what type of business you are setting up. The simpler that your business is, the less likely you’ll need a solicitor. The simplest business form is a sole proprietorship, so you probably won’t need one.

However, a solicitor can help you with forms and requirements of legal documents and can ensure that your set-up is being done correctly. They can also help with tasks such as reviewing documents and trademarking your name.

Making a Will
Using a solicitor in this case means you will have peace of mind and can save a lot of stress for those you leave behind. Your solicitor will explain your options and help you to make decisions for your will. Their advice will put your best interests first, and this document will be done according to your instructions. They can also be your executor, which means they will handle arrangements for your estate when you die.


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