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A Book To Remind Our Daughters They Are Enough {The Nuff Kids Book Review + Giveaway}

**I received a complimentary copy of this book for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

A mother of two only had weeks to live. Veronica Waldrop knew what she had to do – write an enduring message for her daughters, ages two and five, so that they might know truth, hope, and strength well beyond their mom’s fight with breast cancer.  In support of International Women’s Day 2020 (March 8, 2020), Tailwind Publishing presents The NuffWaldrop’s heartwarming story written to inspire her daughters after she was gone and empower girls everywhere to be the bold and confident individuals they were born to be.

This children’s book about courage and self-discovery follows the adventures of the Nuff, a colorfully-illustrated unicorn with a broken horn that young readers will love. The Nuff reads books and rides bikes, dresses up and dances with a flower crown, and plays basketball and scuba dives. No matter what she does, the story reminds her that “when the world says you can’t and you should just give up....know you are brave and beautiful. You will always be a NUFF!”

“Though we miss her every day, Veronica’s courage and strength is living in us. The Nuff is a part of our healing and the beginning of a mission to inspire our daughters, and girls everywhere, that you are enough,” said Will Waldrop, Veronica’s husband.

During the final weeks of her life, Veronica wore a unicorn costume around the house to raise her daughters’ spirits. The Nuff defines the inextinguishable energy of Veronica’s life and the legacy she wants to pass on to every single Nuff – “a strong and beautiful girl with a powerful heart and brain.”

Encouraging authenticity, resilience, and self-assurance, The Nuff shares a message with  girls that they are not defined by their achievements or challenges – they are already, and always, enough.

“Veronica may have written this poem for our little girls but the reality is that this is a story that is resonating with women and girls of all ages.  Our hope is that through this message, adults and children alike will feel confident to navigate their lives and face any challenges that may arise. The Nuff is not just a kid’s book for girls,” said Will Waldrop.  “So many times I’ve had to go back to the book to remind myself as a dad, as a widower, that she’s talking to me.”

A portion of the proceeds from each book will go towards the donation of The Nuff copies to early education programs and non-profit organizations already focussed on the advancement of young girls.  

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Veronica Waldrop (1979–2017) was the mother of two beautiful girls, Natalia and Nina, and the beloved wife of Will Waldrop. Veronica was a dreamer, a writer, and a storyteller who found joy in building relationships and sharing experiences with everyone she met. Veronica had a special gift for connecting with others through her authenticity and enthusiasm.

During her two-year battle with breast cancer, Veronica wrote a transformational story for her daughters before passing away on November 4, 2017. Through The Nuff, she hoped to empower girls everywhere to be the bold and confident women they were created to be. Veronica left the world a heartwarming and courageous story of unconditional love, hope, and perseverance.

We have a LOT of kids books in our house. We have funny books. We have educational books. We have sweet books. We enjoy them all for different reasons, but there are always those few that become favorites--- the books that we can read over and over again. After reading The Nuff for the very first time, I knew without a doubt that this would be one of them. My daughter and I BOTH absolutely loved it.

For my daughter, she liked the story of course, but she was naturally drawn to the images too. Like many girls her age, she goes absolutely crazy for unicorns so she immediately fell in love with this cute character. She was beautifully illustrated and girly enough that my super girly daughter loved her, but not so much that little girls who might not be as into the stereotypical girly images wouldn't appreciate her too. That's great because EVERY girl needs the message of this book.

Truly, that was what I loved most about this book--- the message. As a mom to a little girl, one of my biggest goals is to help my daughter be confident. Feeling not enough is something that I struggle with myself, as do so many of us, and I try as much as possible to let her know that she absolutely is. In a world where we are constantly getting messages---especially as females--- of not being smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, etc this is a book that every little girl NEEDS in her collection. It is a story that I truly want to read to my daughter each and every day.

The book is great all on it's own, but reading the story behind it? That only increases my love. What a beautiful legacy to leave behind!

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In celebration of Women's History Month, one winner will receive two copies of The Nuff – one to share with your child, and one to share with your school or library! US/Can only.


  1. We raised 4 daughters and have 15 grandkids. Eleven of them are girls. So our family has always told the girls that gender doesn’t mean that they have to be a man to accomplish anything that they set their sites on! We’re going to do the same thing if our great grandchild is a girl (due in September)!
    God has truly blessed us!! Be safe!


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