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The Way Back in Theaters March 6: A Fandango Movie Night Giveaway

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Grace Hill Media for THE WAY BACK. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Don't you just love a story about second chances?

I know I certainly do! All too often we all fall short. Whether those shortcomings are big or small, we all hope that we will be given a second chance. A chance to do it better. A chance to make it right. A chance to prove ourselves. We need stories to remind us that no matter how far we have fallen, the way back is never too far away.

The new movie THE WAY BACK starring Ben Affleck is a great example of that. 

In this heartwarming story of redemption, Jack Cunningham (portrayed by Ben Affleck) is struggling with addiction when a priest offers him a coaching position at his former high school. He reluctantly agrees to accept the job and ends up finding a glimmer of hope for the future and shot at a second chance.

Sounds like a great story, doesn't it? And a much needed one too. Addiction is an all too common issue these days. Chances are each of us know someone who has been affected by addiction--- either themselves or in someone that love. For those who are struggling with addiction, this can be a great reminder that there is hope. I think those who are watching their loved ones struggle with addiction and wondering if they will ever be able to find their way back to their former life will also find hope in this story. And that is something that we very much need to see. 

Now, I must admit this isn't like the typical inspirational movies that I share with you. Those tend to be Christian films, or otherwise very clean productions. THE WAY BACK is R for language throughout including some sexual references. I love the description sent to me: it depicts life as it really is, not as we hope it would be. And let's be honest, life is messy and broken... and far from the cleanliness that is so often found in these other films. As such, I still feel like the message of this film is one that needs to be told, and one that I hope will reach a wider audience that will need it as well. It is certainly worth keeping in mind before choosing to view particularly for more conservative or younger audiences, but I hope the message will speak stronger than the language. 

You can learn more and connect at the links below:
Instagram: @thewayback
Twitter: @TheWayBackMovie

THE WAY BACK will be in theaters nationwide on March 6.

In celebration of this true redemption story, I am partnering with Grace Hill Media to give you the chance to have a Fandango Movie Night to see THE WAY BACK in theaters. One winner will receive TWO tickets to see the movie. Enter using the giveaway form below:


  1. My son would enjoy this movie. He's also a ball coach.

  2. The movie sounds like one that I would enjoy watching with my daughter. So many people now days have to suffer through addiction and sometimes it's not easy to see your way out. I do believe it to surely be the devils work helping you to fail.

  3. Even though I don't care for Ben Affleck I do appreciate his acting and in this role he would be playing out his life story as well as the redemption that comes with sobriety Rosanne rosans4comcast(dot)net

  4. it teaches me a lot when I see this movie, Never give up is my life quote and it shows very clear through every scene I watch


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