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How to Plan a Last Minute Valentines Day in London

Planning a trip that overlaps with Valentine’s Day is incredibly romantic. You will be in a new place, exploring it for the first time, and reawakening your love. Doing something new together is a proven tactic to bring that spark of romance back into your lives, and a world-class city like London is guaranteed to give you so much to do.

There is a small issue, however. Over 9 million people live in London, and even more live just outside of it. They’re all making bookings for Valentine’s Day weeks or even months in advance. Though you are having a wonderful time on vacation, you might find yourself locked out on Valentine’s Day.

If this is the case, never fear! There are so many ways you can plan a last-minute Valentine’s Day in London or any other big city. Just keep reading for some ideas.

Things to Do During the Day

When it comes to planning a very last-minute date in London for Valentine’s Day, your best bet is going to be a daytime date. As you are already on vacation, you can take advantage of the daytime options in the city for Valentine’s, even if you haven’t booked in advance.

For the Food Lover

Instead of lunch or dinner, think brunch or breakfast. There are so many wonderful cafes and eating options throughout the city that you can have a huge Valentine’s Day feast. The only trick is you will need to go during the slow periods in the morning and just after lunch.

Another great tip is to find a delicious takeaway option like Neds Noodle Bar and take it with you to your hotel room for a romantic night in. Really top it off with rose petals (picked up from a flower stall) and some battery-powered candles for the best Valentine’s Day in.

For the Nature Lover

If your special someone loves the outdoors, then London has many incredible places for you to visit. You can opt for Kew Gardens, though it is important to note that during this time of year, their Orchid festival is on, and they have recently started requiring bookings for entry. There is also Chelsea Physic Garden, and of course, Sky Garden. Sky Garden typically requires you to book ahead, but check on the day for any last-minute entries.

London’s parks, however, require no booking and no tickets, and they offer some of the most stunning vistas in the city:

·         Richmond Park
·         Bushy Park
·         Hampstead Heath
·         Hyde Park
·         Regent’s Park

For the Art Lover

London has plenty of free museums and art galleries to enjoy. Even if there is a line to get in, they move fast and are free to enter. This means you can explore top art galleries like the V&A, the Tate Modern or Tate Britain, the National Gallery, Wallace Collection, Serpentine Gallery, and so many more for free with your sweetheart.

Date Ideas for Night

With the assumption that most, if not all, of the best options in London will be booked in advance, it’s time to look at the free late-night date night ideas you can do in London. See what is available last-minute, and even if you cannot find anything to do, then pick up a hot drink and enjoy a romantic walk along the Thames.


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