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How to Make Your Busy Week Nights a Bit Easier

School carpools, hectic workdays, and weeknights full of extracurricular activities for the kids while you try to put a wholesome meal on the table for dinner. It’s no wonder that the weekend is the light at the end of the tunnel that is a crazy workweek for so many.

You might be finding yourself at your wit’s end. If so, there are a few things that can be done in order to make your hectic week just a bit easier to manage.

Plan Ahead

It might sound like an obvious thing, but it is difficult for a lot of people to find the motivation during the weekend to sit down and plan out their week. If you find that your weeknights are just a bit too hectic to handle, it might be time to make yourself take at least an hour over the weekend to put a concrete plan for the week on paper. Writing out your weekly schedule and task list will increase the likelihood that you will stick to the plan.

Consider a Meal Plan Delivery Service

One of the things that could be taking up a major chunk of your time in the evening during the week is preparing dinner. Furthermore, those times when you forgot some important ingredient for the meal you have planned at the store can derail your dinner.

The last thing you want to resort to is the easy solution of picking up fast food or ordering a pizza. Instead, you might consider a healthy meal prep delivery service. Working a delivery service into your weekly schedule can go a long way to relieving stress during your busiest nights.

Space Out Your Errands

If you know that there are some nights during the week that are typically crazier than the others, then it is probably best to avoid doing all of your errands on one night. Plan to hit the grocery store one night, but save the trip to the pharmacy for another. Keeping your errands spaced out will help prevent you getting overwhelmed with things to do all in one day.

Know When to Put Screens Away

These days, most people would be lost without their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Unfortunately, too much screen time can be detrimental to your health. One of the biggest risks posed to those who spend too much time on their phones, particularly in the evening, is difficulty falling or staying asleep at night.

The workweek is draining enough for most people. Evenings can be made much worse if you are dragging from a lack of sleep. If you find yourself on your phone at night close to bedtime, the blue light from the screen might be causing you to have a poor nights sleep. It is a good idea to put your screens away at least an hour before you plan to sleep in order to make it easier for your brain to wind down.


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