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6 Small Changes That Make a Big Difference to Your Home

Making changes to your home doesn’t necessarily mean taking on a full renovation. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or simply don’t have the energy for big home improvements, here are some small changes that’ll make your home look a lot different.

Lighting rooms properly

A well-lit room can mean the difference between a space feeling small and dingy, and feeling like a cozy space. Simply sticking a couple of lamps in a room isn’t enough, you should learn to light a room properly, which is a skill that’ll help you transform your house. For example, switching from a single overhead light to cove lighting will give a warm, even glow throughout the room and make it feel bigger.

Add colorful and textured textiles

If you’re renting your property, or perhaps want to experiment before making big changes, consider using textiles to transform a room. From the drapes to rugs, you can completely change the color scheme without picking up a paintbrush, and it’s cheap too. Don’t just look at colors, think about textures, especially if you are opting for a neutral tone.

Change the flooring

The flooring that you choose can completely change the look of a room. You can go from dated to modern just by opting for wooden floors or add some color with new carpets. Using different patterns can even make a room look bigger or let you create a cozier feel in oddly shaped rooms. A Flooring Boutique London offers a wide range of colors and styles, so you can easily get the look you have been imagining.

Paint the ceiling

When people repaint a room, they often don’t think about the ceiling, often simply applying a coat of white paint then ignoring it. However, you can completely change the style of a room simply by painting a ceiling. Black and grey ceilings are a newer trend, so add a contemporary look to a room, and if you’re feeling creative, then a patterned or starry ceiling would be a lot of fun too.

Change the color of a room

There are a number of ways you can use color to change a room, from painting a room in icy tones for a relaxed feel, to adding warm colors to make a room feel cozier. You don’t have to paint an entire room, just a feature wall will have the same effect, and can also make a room feel more put-together.

Switch things around

Whether it’s switching the living and dining areas, moving the furniture around, or letting the kids change rooms, a switch around can make a big difference to your home. Changing the layout of your home means you can make the most of the space, and moving furniture around can give you more floor space, or allow you to ‘split’ a room, perhaps creating a cozy seating area or space for the kids to play. Draw up a floorplan of your house so you can experiment without making too much mess.


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