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Three Things to Do in Surrey, UK with The Kids

If you’re visiting the UK with your children, there’s a vast variety of places and experiences to have. Trouble is, you don’t know what to do or go. You want something fun and exciting to enrich them. You could take them to all the usual places, but you want them to experience something new – or even discover new favorite places and activities.

In and around Surrey - or just a short car or train trip away - there are a number of different things to do with your children, no matter how old they are. Here are some suggestions to add to your weekend.

Get in touch with nature
If you and your children like to take long walks together, then you will love to explore the beautiful Surrey countryside. One place to add to your wish list will be the Surrey Hills of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Popular with walkers, the North Downs Way runs right across the landscape. Then Leith Hill, which has an 18th century Gothic tower, is the highest point in the county. Box Hill is also a well-known site - part of the cycling route for the 2012 Olympics, and the picnic setting in Jane Austen’s book, Emma.

Learn about motorsport heritage
If anyone in your family loves motorsport, then head to Weybridge and go to the Brooklands Museum: the birthplace of British motorsport. It’s packed full of history and has a great range of vintage vehicles to see. There’s plenty of aviation history as well, including an original Concorde plane.

If that’s not enough, then you can go to the nearby Mercedes-Benz World as well. You can even book a driving experience and get behind the wheel. Then when you want to refuel, fill up with the tastiest Sunday pub lunch Surrey has to offer and talk about your family’s motorsport aspirations while enjoying the local fare.

Get to know its history
There are plenty of castles, cathedrals and museums for you and your children to find out more about Surrey’s history. You can explore Farnham Castle, which was originally built as a classic motte and bailey construction. Curious kids will be inspired by the local history and people via interactive exhibitions at Godalming Museum.

There’s also Guildford Cathedral, which is relatively modern. Construction started in April 1933 when a cross was placed on Stag Hill to mark the site, which can now be found outside the eastern end of the cathedral. After the Second World War, and the ‘buy a brick’ campaign of 1952, the cathedral was consecrated in 1961.

Not all children will be immediately enthused at the idea of a museum or historical site – but the wonder they experience when they are there is always worth the trouble of getting them to come along!

By going to these places, you and your children will learn about the history of Surrey in a fun, enriching way. Not only will they get to explore some of the important sites in the area, but they can also see what the countryside has to offer. There’s plenty of sights to see and things to do.


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