Monday, January 13, 2020

Reasons You Should Visit Historic Chichester On Your Trip to the UK

Beautiful Chichester is a cathedral city located in West Sussex in the South East of England.  It boasts a long and illustrious history as a settlement after it was founded by the Romans in the third century AD. 
During Anglo-Saxon times it became an important stronghold, and by AD 890 Alfred The Great had converted Chichester into a fortified town which was designed to thwart the regular assaults by the Norsemen.

Chichester continued to flourish throughout the tenth and early eleventh centuries.  There are many historical monuments and buildings throughout Chichester that are worth visiting for an opportunity to step back through time.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral was built in 1108 and is one of the oldest cathedrals in Britain. It is said to be possible to fit the entire population of the City inside the cathedral at once.  Visitors can take advantage of the fascinating guided tours that take place twice daily within the cathedral, but should you miss these times there are many members of staff and volunteers on hand who will happily talk you through the cathedral’s distinguished history. 
One of the sights that visitors can expect to be greeted with is the many essential and historical pieces of art and sculpture that the cathedral is home to.  The South Transept is home to the oldest and largest mural of its kind in the country and depicts a fictional account of the Bishop of Chichester asking King Henry VIII for the land that the cathedral stands on.

The North Transept, not to be outdone by its southern counterpart, is home to an extensive collection of paintings of all the bishops of Chichester, all with the same face as depicted by the artist.
The Cathedral is also home to many pieces of modern art and is currently displaying Amy Cushing’s Enlightenment Installation.

Outside of the cathedral look to the sky as lucky visitors may even spot one of the resident peregrine falcons which nest in a crenelated turret at the base of the spire.

Historic Eateries

It stands to reason that a town rich in history also has many dining options housed in beautiful historic buildings.  Award-winning restaurants and exquisite fine dining locations produce fantastic food made from the back garden of local produce from the South Downs and locally caught fresh fish.

For summer visitors, the area boasts amazing picnic spots with stunning views from ancient slopes, beautiful woodlands, wildflower meadows, Norman castles and nature reserves all offering fantastic opportunities for alfresco dining. 
For a take on traditional English fare why not sample the cuisine on offer in one of the many pubs like The Hole In The Wall pub which offers delicious home-cooked meals from their historic building, originally an 18th Century debtors prison.

Novium Museum

Built around the roman baths house complex, the Novium Museum is rich in historic roman-Chichester connections.  It is bursting with artefacts discovered in the Roman baths and home to essential objects from the towns 20th-century history.

Especially of note in the Museum is The Racton Man, discovered in 1989.  The Racton Man was buried sometime during the bronze age and was a robust, athletic man who died fighting in battle. The historical analysis revealed that he would have been a very prominent member of society with great seniority.


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