Wednesday, January 15, 2020

How to Plan for Your First Big Trip Abroad

Planning your first big trip abroad with your family is a big step. It’s the first time your kids will have left this home country and see the world for all its vastness for the first time. It means many firsts, which can be scary for both kids and parents. Done right, however, your first big trip abroad can be special, magical, and unforgettable.

Ensure Everyone Has a Current Passport

This is one of those steps that feels so obvious that you forget to actually check, but when it comes time to put in flight details, suddenly you realize that your son’s passport expired seven months ago and now you need to rush to get an expedited renewal. There are expedited services that can help you obtain a passport in 24 hours, but this will cost and it will be stressful.

Forget that stress and instead check to make sure all passports (including yours) will be valid by at least six months before you want to travel abroad. Many countries, like the UK, will require this before allowing you entry.

Be Open to New Experiences, Even if They Aren’t Traditional

There are innovative thinkers in every country and destination trying to do new things with their talents. Just because it isn’t traditional or at least traditional for the destination you are in, does not mean it is not worthwhile. You can go to have a truly unique brunch Shoreditch restaurant that features a new way to eat, karaoke, and a vibrant atmosphere that takes you straight to the Philippines, even though you are sitting in East London.

Trying these new experiences in whatever form they may be is a wonderful way to expand everyone’s experience and bond together as you try out new things. This applies to food, art, plays, and even museums.  

Focus on Learning Opportunities  

When you are on a trip abroad, focus on new experiences. Take your kids out and help them learn as much as they can about the country, its people, and the culture. Even if the culture is very similar to your own it is the small differences that will help your kids become empathetic, curious, and adventurous. A trip abroad can give them confidence and help them be independent, but only if you truly embrace all the unique, wonderful things your destinations have to offer.

Plan Yourself Downtime

Everyone will get tired. Experiencing new things and being on your feet all day will wear you out, and that’s okay. Plan in some downtime or some low-energy activities so that you can continue to have a great time without overdoing it and, in turn, becoming frustrated. The most important thing about a trip is spending time with your family, and downtime is a great way to reflect on what you have seen so far while you rest and recuperate form a big day.


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