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How Dressing Well Can Make You Feel More Powerful

It can be difficult to find the right clothing that represents who you are. It can also be difficult to find what suits your body type, but it can often be more difficult to find the confidence to wear what you want to wear, without thinking about the judgement of others. Here are some tips on how to find what works for you and to feel confident wearing it.

Get Dressed for Yourself Not Others
Following trends can be tempting, but if it’s not something you like wearing, or feel confident wearing then there is no point. Fashion is an expression of who you are and if you don’t feel like you are embracing your true essence in an outfit then it’s got to go! When you get dressed in the morning, ask yourself: am I getting dressed for me? If the answer is no, then change. Getting dressed for yourself can not only be empowering but it can also be fun.

Remember a Time You Wore Something and Felt Great
Think back to a time, and an outfit, when you felt amazing. Analyse why it made you feel that way, think about its fit, silhouette, comfort and feel. You can then use those guidelines to choose other items of clothing that make you feel good too. For example, if you love the way a certain pair of jeans fit, figure out what makes you love them so much and then you can search for that same silhouette and fit in other types of clothing such as trousers. Again, it comes down to dressing in clothes that make you feel great rather than everyone else, never wear something because you think you should. Wear it because it makes you feel confident and happy.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Be Seen
There was a time fashion for plus size women was dire, but thankfully, the fashion industry has become more inclusive over time (although it still has a long way to go). This means there is more choice, giving you the ability to explore your style and find what works for you. If you feel confident in flower prints, or a fully sequined outfit, wear it! Don’t hide behind dark colours if they’re not for you, be proud of your body and express this in your wardrobe. A good place to start exploring is with Froxx plus size designers, they source the newest and most flattering trends in fashion, giving you a wide choice of styles from colourful tunics to eye-catching accessories.

What You Wear Actually Has an Impact on Your Thinking
Science says that the clothes you wear affect your attitude, behaviour, personality, confidence and the way you interact with others. This is called ‘Enclothed Cognition’ and describes the effect your clothes have on various psychological processes through the symbolic meaning of the clothing and the physical experience of wearing them. It is a scientific fact that the clothes you wear have an impact on your mentality so dressing well can actually make you feel more powerful!


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