Wednesday, September 30, 2020

5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Pet

Having a home that you are proud of, and a pet that you adore, are two of life’s little luxuries. However, the two often don’t go hand in hand, due to the possibility for excessive mess and dirt—especially in the case of a large, demanding dog.

Here are five great ways to still have a clean home that you can be pleased with, even when you have a pet.

1.   Keep Your Pet Clean
The only way your home is going to have more of a chance of remaining clean and tidy, is if your pet is in the same condition. Regular grooming habits should be implemented in order to ensure that your pet is always fresh; including a regular bath time to make sure your pet is smelling its best, and regular brushing which can limit excessive coat shedding within your home. When you have a pet at home  you need to take care about your carpet cleaning every six months.

2.   Consider Changing Your Flooring
Carpet can be very difficult to manage if you have a large pet like a dog which regularly sheds and is dirty following time spend outdoors. Particularly if you have a light-colored carpet, all it takes is for your dog to slip past you and shake following a walk, and you have a large cleaning responsibility on your hands.

Switching to wooden flooring can help by providing a surface which is easier to clean. Mud and dirt can be easily mopped up, and hair can be more easily brushed up. Companies such as offer a range of wooden flooring styles, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on the color scheme or style of your home.

3.   Set Up a Cleaning Station by the Door
Try to have as many cleaning items and solutions by the door as you can, so that when you return from walks and being outside, you can easily wipe your pet down and give them a good clean before they proceed into the rest of the house.

More conveniently, you could set up a room or space by the door (such as a vestibule or boot room) where this cleaning can take place, and your dog can remain in this closed-off area until it has dried off.

4.   Avoid Clutter
Pets come with a large variety of items, which can grow excessively over time—especially in the form of toys. Keep your home tidy by having set storage items in which to keep all toys and related items, and have a place to store all other items such as coats, leads, and blankets. This helps to avoid items being strewn through the house on a regular basis, which can also lead to dirt and hair being spread more easily.

5.   Keep on Top of It
Having a pet is going to require a more strict cleaning routine, as regular household maintenance won’t cut it. You may have to vacuum your home everyday if pet hair is excessive, and you may have to clean after every walk if you’re serious about keeping as much dirt as possible away from your living space.

As long as you have the right attitude (and the right cleaning products), you can easily keep on top of everything without it getting out of hand.


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