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Give the Gift of Organization with Erin Condren {A Holiday Gift Guide Review}

**Products received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links.All thoughts are 100% my own. 

There is nothing like the holiday season to make us realize just how busy our lives can be! So much that I'd hoped to get done in the holiday season just didn't manage to fit its way into our already rather busy schedule. Basketball, ballet, school events... I have found it difficult to keep up with it all. Which was why one of the must haves for MY personal holiday wish list was a good planner to go into the new year a bit more organized.

These days you can find a lot of apps and digital tools to keep you organized and while I've tried a few, for me personally there is just nothing that can beat a good ol' fashioned paper planner. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:

  • You can see the big picture more easily. When I flip open my planner, I love being able to see with one quick glance exactly what is on the agenda. No clicking, scrolling, etc... just right there where I need it! 
  • You can get creative with them. Whether you want to go all out with glam planning or just add a few fun stickers here and there, these options just aren't possible when using a digital option. That can be a real motivation for those of us who are a little more creative minded.
  • It helps your remember things better. I have found that for me taking the time to physically write things down (not type them), helps me to remember them better. I have an absolutely awful memory so this is a HUGE plus for me. 
  • You can show off your own unique style. Whether you want classic and to the point or bold and colorful, there is a planner that is going to fit your style. What app can truly say that? 
  • You can journal inside. With the right planner, you can capture your memories right inside the pages of your planner too with the addition of photos, notes or other small mementos. 

Now you know the why, but that leads to the big question: which planner to get? There are many to choose from, but if you ask around (or search the web), one very popular option you may come across is the Erin Condren LifePlanner.... but what sets them apart? I was recently given the chance to order one for myself and share my experience with all of you.

First and foremost, when they say that these planners are completely customizable, they absolutely mean it. They offer a wide variety of cover styles to best suit your tastes. As if that isn't enough, you can make those existing styles 100% your own. Regardless of the LifePlanner cover you choose, you can have it personalized with your name, initials, short quote, etc. Beyond that, many also offer the options to choose your own colors as well. I fell in love with their Leopard style, but I knew that I wanted something bright and yellow (my favorite color). Their website made it exceptionally easy to choose the perfect colors to fit my style giving me a preview so I knew what to expect. (Note: Color accuracy for your preview will depend on your computer's calibration. Mine was a bit darker in person than on my computer, but it was fairly accurate for the most part.) And if you cannot decide which cover you like best, you can even buy extra covers to change them out as desired!

The customization doesn't end at the cover either! You can also choose between three layouts for the weekly pages and a colorful or neutral color theme throughout. This was my favorite part of this whole process. I will admit that I am very picky on planners. As much as I want it to be cute on the outside, I have a certain style that I have found works best for me on the inside. There are many times when I've passed on otherwise fantastic planners because the page layouts just weren't what I wanted. For me, that means the horizontal layout, but I love that I have that choice! Erin Condren certainly seems to understand that all of our planning needs are different, and have taken that into consideration with their LifePlanner options.

Upon ordering, it took about 2 weeks to get to me. That's with their basic shipping option and of course keeping in mind the holiday shipping delays that many of us experience regardless of shipper this time of year. I found this to be quite reasonable considering my order included THREE personalized items. It came packaged beautifully with a small welcome pack too. I was impressed with the quality in person, as well as the thought taken into packaging up my order as well.

While the planners were GREAT and certainly what Erin Condren is most known for, they are not the only great gift available for the planner on your list. They also offer a wide variety of writing tools, stickers, and various accessories too. I couldn't resist adding a few fun extras to my order.

My favorite was the notebook. I am a list person. While planners generally have SOME space for lists, I need more than they tend to offer. I loved that I was able to have a cute notebook that actually matched my planner! And while I personally chose a classic lined style, they even offer page options on those too. I also grabbed a few snap in dashboards- the to do list and the checklist. Like I said, I like lists! What is great about these is that they snap right into your planner, keeping it all together in one place. I've had similar notepads that snap into planners in the past and while I loved them, I went through them very quickly. With these dashboards, you write out your lists with their fine tip wet erase markers and they can be used over and over again... simply clean them off and start over! I seriously LOVED this... it's a genius idea and a great add on. The markers can be used inside the covers as well where there are more spots for notes and lists!

Another product that stuck out to me was their calligraphy stencil set. I am NOT good with handlettering so I loved that this gave me a great option to still get that look. It pairs perfectly with their dual tip markers---available in an astounding range of colors. These are tools that I know I am going to use over and over not JUST in my planner, but in my Bible journaling as well. If you have someone on your list that loves journaling or planning, but already has a planner, these are definitely a great option.

Ready to see everything Erin Condren has to offer? You can see all of these amazing products and so much more when you visit their website. Time is running out, but you can still get your order in time for Christmas if you order by TODAY (December 19th) and choose overnight shipping. Or treat yourself and start the new year off right!

Have you tried a planner or other accessories from Erin Condren? What was your experience? What Erin Condren products would you most like to find under your tree this year?


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