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Tell Your Story with Christian Jewelry from Holly Lane {+ Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card} #hollylane #hollylanegiveaway

**I received a complimentary piece of jewelry from Holly Lane in consideration of this post. All thoughts are 100% my own. 
Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?

I must admit that I have quite the jewelry collection myself, and while there are some that I wear more than others... I have found my favorites are not necessarily those I wear the most or that are the fanciest, but instead they are those that mean something: my wedding band, those pieces signifying my children, gifts from my husband, etc.

Jewelry truly can be more than JUST a fashion statement. Jewelry can truly have a deeper meaning. I love finding jewelry companies that celebrate this with beautiful pieces that have a beautiful story behind them.

Are you looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for someone on your holiday list? Today, I'm excited to introduce a fabulous jewelry brand that I have recently fallen in love with myself: Holly Lane!

Our line of sterling silver Christian jewelry is intentionally designed to create opportunities to share Christ with others, and to be worn as a personal reflection of faith. Each piece is designed in central Virginia by jewelry artist Tiffany Scott who has based her designs on verses from the Bible in order to bring comfort to the wearer and be a representation of God's promises. These unique designs are meant to catch the attention of others and spark conversation about the verses they are based on.
Each piece of verse-based Holly Lane jewelry comes with a Story Card that features the verse reference on the front, and an explanation of the design's significance on the back. Tiffany's love for semiprecious gemstones shows through in her use of many different gems throughout the line. The Holly Lane line is designed so that the customer can put together their own personal combination of pendants, chains and bead drops based on the promises they are holding on to and how God is currently speaking to them in their lives.

A gift that truly has meaning... what's not to love about that? I was recently given the chance to receive a piece of Holly Lane to try out for myself.

There were many fantastic pieces to choose from so narrowing it down was difficult. I loved going through and seeing not just what each piece looked like, but the story behind them as well. There truly were pieces perfect for anyone, no matter their stage in life right now.

None of the pieces however spoke to me like their 'But God Necklace'. This necklace features a semicolon. In writing, a semicolon represents where the sentence could have ended, but instead goes on. This symbol has also in recent years become one of solidarity and inspiration for those dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts and mental health.  It is a common tattoo that those who have struggled choose to get as that reminder that the sentence does go on. The “; but God”necklace is a 'reminder of the hope you have in Jesus. He is the Author of your life, your name is written on His heart. Trust in Him, He is writing your story.' While I have loved the message of a semicolon in the past, I'n not a tattoo person in the slightest, so I very much appreciated having this message instead in a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

After choosing my jewelry, I could not wait for it to arrive. I was pleasantly surprised not only with the quick arrival, but also the beautiful presentation.

I'll be honest... I love pretty packaging. Does it affect the product within? Perhaps not, but it makes me feel special when it arrives. It shows me that care and consideration was taken when putting together my order and just feels much more personal than just having my items tossed into the box. My Holly Lane necklace came wrapped beautifully. Take a look:

My favorite part was the story card included. This featured the verse that my necklace was inspired by:

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.” Hebrews 12:2

Each individual piece is inspired by a different verse and will include that within the box. The piece that I chose has a much more recognizable symbol than what others might have. When I look at it, I know what the semicolon represents, as will many seeing it. Some of the other pieces are not quite as evident at a glance. Whether you are gifting Holly Lane to a loved one, or are purchasing for yourself, I love that they include this reminder. 

There is so much power in God's word. On the day that my necklace arrived, I was really struggling with my own mental health issues. When I opened the box and saw this scripture, it truly was just what I needed to read in that moment... and a scripture that I can now remember to turn to time and time again.

Holly Lane is beautiful, high quality jewelry for sure... but it truly does offer so much more than that. It is a beautiful message to remind ourselves and to share with others each time we wear a piece. 

Ready to tell your story (and His story) through your jewelry? Use the code 20FORYOU to receive 20% off their purchase at hollylane.com

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