Monday, November 18, 2019

How to Make Your Property More Accessible

Your home is your sanctuary, which is why it is so important to feel comfortable within your own walls. Living with a disability can make daily activities more of a struggle, especially if you live somewhere that wasn’t designed with accessibility in mind. Thankfully, there are ways to improve the efficiency of your home that will make it far more enjoyable to live in.

Not only will you be able to complete tasks quicker and move more easily, but you’ll also feel more content with your home in general. Here are a few useful tips to help you make your property more accessible.


Cooking is a dangerous enough task without feeling as though the kitchen counters, cooker, refrigerator and cupboards are at the wrong heights for proper use. Tackle this by having custom height counters that suit your needs, allowing lower access and room for movement if cupboard doors get in the way of a wheelchair. Being able to turn quickly in a kitchen makes cooking easier as you can perform different tasks without worrying about running out of time when maneuvering between oven and cooker, counter and table.

Steps and Stairs

There are a few different ways to combat the obstacle of steps and stairs. Outdoor ramps are good for gaining access to front and back doors, while stair lifts provide access for wheelchair users between levels. By installing some in and outside of your home, you’ll find it much easier to move between rooms and enjoy the whole of your house.

Door Frames

Door frames in some houses are too narrow to let wheelchair users gain entry to a room, which is why having the doorways widened can make a huge difference to the accessibility of your home. This seemingly simple change can make life much easier and quicker without having to worry about fitting through a narrow doorway.


Good quality flooring is important to make use of a wheelchair easier throughout the home. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tiles are good for durability and safety when getting around. Be wary with tiles, however, as they can break easily if they are too large. Instead, opt for smaller tiles or maybe even a floor mosaic for a dramatic effect.


There are several main places where the installation of handrails can make all the difference. Along each ramp, both outside and in, there should be a handrail to provide safety and practicality. The bathroom is another important place for rails, especially in the shower or bathtub. They tend to be easy to install and not too costly.


Although modern technology isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, devices such as smartphones and home assistants can be excellent tools to make the home feel more accessible and easily controlled. Connect your device to the lighting, your security system, your thermostat, even your kitchen appliances. You can control the finer details of your daily routine through voice activation software and other clever techniques.


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