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How to Keep Your Property Warm this Winter

Winter is a difficult time for computers and those individuals who use computing power in their homes make money, trade, game, or simply surf the internet. That’s because the extreme cold can be very damaging to computers – as well as to the inhabitants of a home, and other devices such as a television or digital gadgets. This may surprise you, seeing as you’re usually concerned with cooling your devices – but the cold can damage expensive hardware overnight, if you’re unable to keep your property warm. This article offers tips to ensure you’re able to keep your property toasty and warm all winter.

Doors and Windows

The major portals through which air and wind will seep into your home are the doors and the windows that open into the outside world. Whether you’re up in Alaska or down in Boston, you can still expect some violent wintery weather, and some gales, blizzards or snowstorms that can test the limits of your home’s current doors and window fittings.

As such, check each of these fittings with the back of your hand – if you feel cool air, it may be time to bring in a contractor to better enhance your energy efficiency in your home – reducing heating bills as a result. You can also do this work yourself, saving some cash on a hire-out professional, using your own tools. For instance, insulation foam is used for insulating, stopping draughts, filling gaps and dampening sound – perfect to help you keep your home warm this winter.

Using Heating Wisely

It comes as no great surprise that many individuals choose to switch off their heating for large parts of the day and for most of the year. Heating a home can lead to high bills, and a sense that you’re throwing money away. But that’s far from the truth if your lack of heating starts to affect your health and that of your devices from which you work and make money.

As such, using heating wisely is your key piece of advice. This means using a timer to have it turn on in the early evening and keep pumping throughout the night – otherwise, your home can become near-freezing in wintery conditions, leaving any moisture in and around your devices the possibility of freezing, expanding, and breaking your beloved products.

Festive Cheer

Finally, there can be no better way to add heat to your home than through the addition of bodies – and a little bit of festive celebration, when friends and family come to visit or stay, can be just the remedy for your winter blues.

To make your home extra warm with all the people arriving throughout the Christmas period, cook a large meal to feed your guests, and make sure to leave the oven open and shut off the extractor fan and oven dials after you’ve finished the cooking. It should go without saying that you should only use the heat from your oven for your home after it has been turned off; heating a home with an open oven turned on is dangerous, wasteful, and harmful to the oven and yourself.

With these tips, you’ll surely stay warm and dry over the winter period, protecting yourself, your housemates, your guests and your hardware from the cold across what looks set to be a frosty and white-coated winter.


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