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Easy Ways To Help Your Kids Protect Their Teeth

Dentistry is considered one of the ten most trusted and ethical professions in the United States, however, that doesn't stop plenty of kids from being afraid of the dentist. Getting your children to cooperate for a routine dental checkup can be a nightmare, but you still should be helping them keep their oral health in check. If your kids are starting to show signs of bad dental habits, use some of these tips to keep them happy, healthy, and smiling.

Help With Healthy Eating

Healthy teeth starts with healthy diets, and while your kids are still young, you're most likely the one in charge of most of what they eat. Aim to include enough fruits and vegetables in their diet while avoiding excessive sugary foods. Some sweet snacks are perfectly fine but aim to have them be an occasional treat instead of a regular part of a daily diet. Don't forget that drinks count - encourage your kids to drink water more often than sugary sodas or juices. After all, your body is made up of 60% water, and it's important to stay hydrated.

Oversee Daily Brushing

While simply brushing teeth is a great start for any child, the way your child brushes their teeth also matters. Since most kids see brushing their teeth as a chore, it's likely they're rushing the process and not brushing for long enough or with the correct technique. While they're first getting into the habit, watch and encourage them to brush for long enough - roughly as long as it takes to sing the alphabet. After a while, they'll get into the habit and won't need observation.

Start Dentist Visits Early

Visiting the dentist can be a nightmare for both children and adults alike. However, if your children are still young, you can give yourself the best chance possible of them being more cooperative with dentist visits as they get older. The sooner you start taking your children to the dentist, the better their dental health will be as they grow up, and the less likely it is they'll see visiting the dentist as a frightening occasion. Children should begin regular dental visits at age one, but even if you've already passed that milestone, it's not too late to start regular visits.

Encourage Lifelong Healthy Choices

Depending on how old your children are, you may end up having to help them make healthy decisions with long-term impacts. For example, if your child's teeth start growing in a bit crooked, you may have to help them make the decision on whether to get braces. The best time to begin orthodontic treatment is at age seven, and skipping orthodontic treatment as a child can make it difficult to correct crooked teeth later on as a teen or an adult. When it comes to your child's oral healthcare, be sure to listen to your child's needs and encourage them to make choices that will be healthy for them over longer periods of time.

Keeping your children healthy and safe is the number one job of any parent, and that includes taking care of dental health. Plenty of children are wary of the dentist, but with the right care tips and help, you can make dentist visits much easier on both you and your children in the future. How do you help your kids take care of their teeth? What would you recommend to other parents?


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