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13 Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

More than 700,000 people consider themselves Poshers, or sellers on Poshmark. Anyone looking to supplement their income has all the tools to do so with Poshmark. Simply create a store, list items, and let the fun begin. With such a large number of sellers, there is a great opportunity to earn substantial income selling your no longer needed fashion items. It’s simple, easy and for those who put just a bit of effort into things, profitable and rewarding. It’s time to clean out the closets and sell your stuff on Poshmark! Check out a few sellers tips that make it easier to earn a nice chunk of change for your selling efforts with Poshmark.

Photos Make a Difference
Clear photos that show the entire item attract more eyes and sell it faster. If it’s a clothing item, it helps if a model shows off the item. Score brownie points by modeling the item from both sides and various angles. Using a stock photo? Don’t forget to list your sources! More photos attract more buyers to your shop. Include a few clear, precise shots for better results on every item listed in your store.

More Descriptive, More Sales
Item descriptions make a big difference in who browses your shop and items and who passes it by for something more professional and fun. Be descriptive in your wording and do not leave out any flaws, signs of wear and tear, etc. the item has. Transparency ensures customers recommend your shop and return for more goods at a later time. Go the extra mile and download a measuring app that allows customers the chance to ensure an accurate fit before purchase.

Keep up With Current Trends
Popular brands and styles frequently change and vary from one part of the country to the next and by age bracket and gender. Keep up with these changes and trends to keep your shop updated with the items that people want. The more you know about trends, the better your shop and overall profits.

Offer Discounts & Deals
Buyers love a great deal. Give them options such as bundle deals, free shipping, BOGO offers, etc. They’ll thank you for the generosity and are more likely to purchase more from you and share out your posts. There is no such thing as too much marketing.

Share Daily
Share your items a handful of times each day. The more you share, the more the item shows up at the top of people’s searches. Share no less than once per day, but more often if possible.

Share Other Listings
Share your listings as well as other listings that you like or think others may like. When you help others, they usually return the favor, which puts your shop in front of more eyes and more customers. Choose sellers with items that you like and who have earned a trusted reputation.

Brand Matters
People look for certain brands more often than other brands. They’re willing to pay a premium price for the biggest and best brands. Whether these brands are in your closet or you shop secondhand and consignment sales for resale deals, you’ll sell more items, earn more profits, and earn a better reputation with the listings.

Know What You are Selling
Fakes, knockoffs, and counterfeits are illegal to sell. Listing such items will earn a bad reputation with buyers fairly quickly and eventually cause the closure of your entire Poshmark account. Know what you sell and avoid fakes, etc. at all costs.

Update Your Shop Frequently
Update your shop with new merchandise regularly so your items are seen by new people at the top of their feed. New items in your shop also keep customers interested and coming back for more. A great Poshmark seller understands its important to maintain loyal customers but that new customers also help their shop thrive. A full store is a great store. How else do you expect great profits?

Play at the Posh Parties
Posh parties are held daily for all Poshers who want to join in on the fun. If the party applies to your items, share the item within the party. Do a good deed and share a couple of other items from your favorite Poshers as well. Since several parties are held each day, there is plenty of opportunities to get in on the fun.

Research Prices
Price is most important when selling items on Poshmark. Buyers want great deals for like-new items from their favorite brands. Give them all of these qualities and your shop easily ranks at the top. What’s a good price for those big-ticket (or regular items?) Do your research before pricing. You'll know exactly what price works for your items so that customers get a great deal and plenty of profit reaches your hands. It is a winning situation for everyone.

Special Promotions
Poshmark is a seller favorite because they always offer incentives to entice customers into the shops on their site. It's your choice to participate or continue on without the deals and offers. Take advantage of the promotions (which vary in description) and watch your sales immediately skyrocket.

Do More With Poshmark Automation
A Poshmark bot may be the best kept secret if you haven’t already heard of one. It helps keep your shop on the top of feeds and brings more customers and fans in your direction while saving time and effort. Generate more sales and followers and save time using the simple, yet effective, Poshmark automation tool.


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